Access to Financial Resources Now, with an Eye to the Future.

Most eye care practices are faced with a tough decision. You either invest capital in additional resources—equipment, software, staff, etc.—in the hopes of recouping your investment and then some. Or, you don’t put money into the practice, thereby stagnating its growth. Bottom line: Growing your business means spending money. myCare Capital Financing is an ideal resource for that funding.

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We’re Your Single-Source for Practice Building, from Comprehensive Solutions to Cash Infusions.

While autonomy is important, owning and operating an ophthalmology or optometry practice can be downright scary. Eye Care Leaders knows that. We understand the pressures facing practices in the eye care world. And we can help. Eye Care Leaders is one of the only organizations designed to help your practice grow by providing you the capital you need through myCare Capital Financing, while allowing you to function independently. We bring together the top technology and solution companies in eye care, so you have access to everything you need in one place to achieve practice excellence.

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Whether you need a new piece of cataract surgery equipment, inventory to set up an optical shop, money to open a new location, or something else to grow your practice, myCare Capital Financing offers the funds you need. Since we know the resources you need vary in size and scope, we are flexible in how we support you. When it comes to capital financing, a rigid approach simply does not work. That’s why we work in partnership with you to determine your specific needs. Tell us what you envision for your practice and we’ll help you achieve it.

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