For the Record, Your Practice Can Be Efficient and Profitable with the Right Cloud-based EHR.

We know how hard it is to choose an EHR, especially one that works with you and doesn’t slow you down. Eye Care Leaders makes that decision easier. myCare Electronic Health Records is the highest performing eye care EHR available today. Developed in an intensive clinical setting and built exclusively for eye care practices, ECL’s cloud-based EHR actually does what it’s supposed to do — speed up exams, billing processes, and office workflows, and ensure compliance with federal healthcare laws — without sacrificing quality of patient care.

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myCare Electronic Health Records Product Sheet

Bringing together the best EHR technology and a team of committed support staff, Eye Care Leaders created myCare Electronic Health Records, the highest performing eye care EHR available today.

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Stop being held hostage and start caring for patients with complete historical data in an EHR you want. You have a choice with Eye Care Leaders.

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Customizing myCare Electronic Health Records for Your Practice Is a Focal Point.

We want you to feel so confident about your EHR that we are here as a resource to help you determine the best course of action to improve your practice. Tell us how you work and the goals you have. We will develop recommendations and set you up with an EHR expert, who will help you optimally implement myCare Electronic Health Records and see results right away. No frustration involved. We make sure you have everything you need — the technology and the training — to provide faster and better care to your ophthalmology and optometry patients.

It really is possible to run a smooth and profitable eye care practice with a cloud-based EHR. In fact, an effective EHR is crucial to the growth of your practice in today’s healthcare market. Designed specifically for eye care, ECL’s cloud-based myCare Electronic Health Records revolutionizes the way an EHR can be adopted and leveraged by your practice.

  • Enjoy an efficient transition from data migration through go-live
  • Expect no cash flow interruption because it’s so easy to use
  • Trust in the transparent value pricing of our cloud-based EHR solution
  • Benefit from complete, secure mobile access to patient data

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Set Your Sights on Modernizing Your Practice with an EHR.

If you’re committed to being a strong competitor in the ophthalmology or optometry industry, Eye Care Leaders can help facilitate your success. We’ll connect you with the right EHR technology—the cloud-based solution that meets your specific needs and goals—and will take your practice to the next level of productivity and profitability. Ready to make the commitment to improve your practice?

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