Open a New World of Patient Interaction and Affinity.

Creating a passive, yet powerful point of contact with your patients, myCare Portal facilitates ongoing interaction with the lifeblood of your practice. It also creates more engaged patients and helps improve overall practice efficiencies. A powerful business management tool designed to save time for patients and eye care providers, myCare Portal is the perfect complement to Eye Care Leaders’ myCare Practice Management and myCare Electronic Health Records solutions.

A Suite Deal — Leveraging Portal Data Throughout Your Practice.

myCare Portal seamlessly integrates with myCare Suite and allows you to provide the best patient care at any time — even when you’re out of the office. Your patients can access the Patient Portal directly from your practice’s website. All information collected through the portal is automatically downloaded into each patient’s file. myCare Portal connects with other myCare Suite systems to ensure practice-wide productivity and compliance.

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Ongoing interaction with patients via myCare Portal creates more engaged patients and improves practice efficiencies.

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Portal Benefits Are a Two-Way Street.

Your patients’ experience is enhanced when they can securely access a variety of services through myCare Portal:

  • Access and complete forms online prior to visit
  • Reorder contact lens
  • Quickly make secure payments on their account
  • Request, confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments
  • Send secure messages to and receive secure message from their provider
  • Rely on our HIPAA-compliant security measures

Eye care practices benefit from increased office efficiencies afforded by myCare Portal:

  • Reduce errors inherent with handwritten patient forms
  • Decrease wait times with advance check-in
  • Lower administrative burden of data entry
  • Maximize profits through unattended contact lens reorders
  • Cut AR days with online payment functionality

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