E-Prescribing Your Way. See the Difference.

A revolution in e-prescribing software, myCare RX is built on our experience serving over 200,000 users and delivering more than 1 billion medication transactions. myCare RX e-prescribing system ushers in a new era of medication history data access, legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing (EPCS), and patient medication adherence support.

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In addition to the cutting-edge technical capabilities, myCare RX e-prescribing raises the bar for user interface design, workflow customization, and mobile access through these features:

Electronic Prescribing for Controlled Substances and Legend Drugs

The #1 e-prescribing software on the market includes legend drug e-prescribing and decision support.

Predictive Analytics

myCare RX e-prescribing software “learns” your e-prescribing patterns in order to facilitate medication decisions with fewer clicks, cleaner sig instructions, and reduced need for back-and-forth pharmacy clarifications.

Medication History

myCare RX e-prescribing features the industry’s most complete electronic patient medication history data feed, designed to present 24 months of patient medication history in a matter of seconds. It significantly streamlines provider medication reconciliation processes and enhances patient safety.

Clinical Alerts

myCare RX e-prescribing system is designed to make prescribing safer for the patient and more efficient for you, including drug-drug, drug-allergy, dosing, and duplicate therapy alerts, patient-specific formulary guidance, and provider-specific drug favorites functionality.

Mobile Electronic Prescribing

Securely e-prescribe, transmit, and manage patient prescriptions no matter where you are. myCare RX Mobile transcends the desktop and puts the power of myCare RX onto your iPhone or Android device, so you can quickly process renewal requests, manage pending prescriptions, and write new prescriptions faster and easier than ever before.

Medication Adherence Monitoring and Behavioral Support

The Patient Advisor toolbar within myCare RX alerts you to patients at risk for non-adherence and empowers you with tools to encourage compliance, including diagnosis-specific education resources, financial savings opportunities, and behavioral support programs for your patients.

Electronic Prior Authorization

Initiate, submit, and complete prior authorizations electronically and respond to prior authorizations that are initiated from pharmacies after a claim rejection in real-time from within your e-prescribing workflow, avoiding the traditional paper/fax/phone-based prior authorization workflow.

Real-Time Prescription Drug Benefit Check

Access information regarding whether a prescribed medication is covered under your patient’s formulary benefit design, view alternative drug therapies for consideration, receive guidance on alternative pharmacy options, and clearly see the expected patient out-of-pocket costs for each option in real-time at the point of care.

Customizable Look and Feel

The new look and feel of myCare RX features a modern, flat design for higher readability, faster usability, and greater visual appeal. Behind the screen, myCare RX’s modular widget structure empowers maximum flexibility in customizing the interface and your experience—change colors, fonts, content layout, content availability and more—in order to optimize your workflow.

The Ultimate Experience in e-Medication Management

myCare RX has been the gold-standard electronic prescribing system for 15 years as a result of these core features and services:

  • Split prescriptions
  • Renewal requests
  • Award-winning, 24/7 Live Support

The Value of E-Prescribing

13 ways physicians (and patients) benefit from electronic prescribing:

  1. Prevents prescription drug errors
  2. Automated clinical decision support
  3. Speeds up the medication reconciliation process
  4. Helps meet meaningful use requirements for electronic prescriptions
  5. Instant notification of allergies, drug interactions, duplicate therapies and other clinical alerts
  6. Track patient fulfillment of prescriptions
  7. Reduces the number of lost prescriptions
  8. Enables physicians to electronically prescribe controlled substances in a single workflow
  9. Enables better monitoring of controlled substance prescriptions
  10. Staff spends less time responding to prescription refill requests
  11. Reduces the risk of readmissions
  12. Improves medication adherence
  13. Makes it easier to verify insurance

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