Improve Patient Satisfaction, Compliance – and Your Revenue

For many of your patients, their follow-up visits correlate to out of sight, out of mind. For practices, this translates to poorer relationships and missed profit. Adding a patient reactivation strategy provides quality patient care and prompts active engagement and participation in treatment and care plans. Overburdened staff, however, often don’t have the time to perform a consistent reactivation process. That’s where Eye Care Leaders comes in with an innovative way to engage your patients resulting in a better patient experience.

Show Me How to Re-Engage and Keep My Patients

It costs 6-7 times more to acquire a new patient than to recall an existing patient. At Eye Care Leaders, we help you optimize your revenue by consistently recalling patients without you having to exhaust valuable resources or spend more to attract new patients.

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Three powerful ways to reactivate your patients
Eye Care Leaders has a Patient Reactivation package to fit every practice. Compare the options and benefits and choose the package that fits your need.

Power Call

With Power Call, a trained team of ECL professionals will handle your reactivation calls and get your patients back on your schedule.

Zero Risk – Power Call has no up-front cost or monthly fees for your practice. You only pay for our services when a reactivated patient shows up for an appointment.

Eye Care Specific – Unlike generic call centers, our call team only works in eye care, ensuring your patients receive custom, knowledgeable interactions.

No Robocalls – Power Call uses a professional call team to reach your patients instead of robocalls. Studies have shown that calls with real people are far more effective than robocalls.

ECL Data Manager

With Data Manager, our powerful practice data technology will interface with your PM software to mine patient information and create a call dashboard for your local call team.

Real-Time Updates – Your call team can adjust the software settings and get instant updated results for their call lists, ensuring you can target the patient type you want to reactivate quickly and easily.

Data Protection – By keeping your patient data and call list local, your patient information is protected and never exposed to a third party.

Custom Scripting – Using your own call team allows you to customize the phone script messaging to further build your brand with your patients.

Complete Care

Complete Care brings together the benefits of Power Call and Data Manager into one comprehensive solution to reactivate your lost patients.

Complete Control – Practices using Complete Carefully control the reactivation process by using the Data Manager to generate an ideal reactivation list and Power Call to contact and reactivate lost patients.

Complete Savings – The dual power of our Data Manager and Power Call solutions creates sustainable cost savings and revenue generation for your practice.

Complete Confidence – The dedicated ECL team will handle the entire reactivation process and create detailed reports on our progress, giving you confidence in your investment.

Your patients are your greatest asset. Keep them active and healthy with Patient Reactivation Solutions from Eye Care Leaders.


Better Patient Care and Relationships as Far as Your Schedule Holds

In the next decade, patient satisfaction will continue to grow as a critical component for practice success. Armed with an effective Patient Reactivation service, your practice can be propelled into a successful future. Studies show that when patients are reactivated as medically necessary, they feel better taken care of and rate providers higher.

By reaching out to patients and helping them keep their appointments, you promote better patient population care – something CMS will reward. Recalling glaucoma and dry eye patients at the 18th month mark is one required activity you must perform in 2017 to benefit from the 2019 MIPS Bonus Payments. Thanks to Eye Care Leaders’ Patient Reactivation, you can have the insights to easily reactivate patients by diagnosis and time-frame.


Engaging Patients Today, Reducing No Shows Tomorrow

Reactivating patients who are past due for appointments 18 months or more motivates patients to return to your practice and lowers no show rates. Studies show that informing patients that it’s time to schedule a visit psychologically prepares them so that they are more inclined to schedule an appointment when they receive a scheduling call. They also may engage directly with your practice and book their appointment independently. With Patient Reactivation, you can rest assured that your packed schedule will produce the anticipated volume and deliver the expected revenue.


Reactivation Is Still Under Your Control

You and your staff can take an active role, filling your appointment schedules in less time thanks to the control Eye Care Leaders Patient Reactivation provides you. The dedicated calling center saves staff time by reaching out to patients while allowing your practice to determine what patients to recall. With Eye Care Leaders’ Patient Reactivation, call criteria query tool, staff can readily book new ophthalmologists and optometrists schedules with patients who need care. You can combine both the calling service and software to optimally plan patient recalls to fill slots strategically based on return on investment (ROI). All along the way, as you increase patient reactivation, you’ll build loyalty and generate more positive feedback.

Put Your Practice on a Path to Building Better Patient Relationships While Improving Profitability

With Eye Care Leaders, you can plug revenue leaks due to patients not coming back for follow up appointments with 0% risk. You pay only when a patient is reactivated while having greater flexibility to optimize surgical or high paying slots for higher per encounter ROI.

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