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At Eye Care Leaders, we’re on a mission to help you create your ideal eye care practice — one that gives you freedom to care for your patients and succeed financially. To attain that kind of practice, you need the right tools and expertise to get you there, especially when it comes to profitability and compliance. Let Eye Care Leaders handle the financial side of your business for you, so you can focus on what you were trained to do: deliver high-quality eye care.

Let Eye Care Leaders handle the financial side of your business for you, so you can focus on what you were trained to do…

Leveraging leading-edge technology to streamline revenue cycle workflows, our focused, experienced RCM professionals are our most valuable resource.

Along with identifying and taking advantage of all cash opportunities available to you, our Revenue Cycle Solution billers also handle the following:

  • Eligibility verification
  • Claims submission
  • Electronic remittance and payments posting
  • Denials analysis and handling
  • Accounts Receivable follow-up and collections
  • Detailed reporting

High Quality Patient Care and a Highly Profitable Practice
We share your vision for your ideal practice, and have a proven formula for realizing it. When you let Eye Care Leaders handle the nuts-and-bolts of your billing and coding, you’re taking a major step toward making that vision a reality.

Make Your Vision a Reality

You can add more than $60,000 annually by managing your claims process from A to Z.

Insufficient time, multi-role staff, and complex regulations can result in your practice having a revenue cycle that is not optimized. Our Claims Management Services quickly help you speed cash flow and exceed MGMA benchmarks with one or more of these services.

Eligibility Verification and Surgical Pre-Authorizations

The saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure certainly rings true when it comes to cutting costly claims denials. Our billers take the time before every patient visit and surgery to verify eligibility and preauthorize surgeries, thereby eliminating the number 1 reason for denials: Incorrect beneficiary information. You’ll have fewer claims denied, helping you run a more efficient practice.

Denials Management

Why let resource and claims resubmission costs eat up an average of $25 per claim refiling? Our dedicated billers can cut your denials costs by up to 40%, freeing your staff for other tasks while ensuring every denial is worked regardless of dollar value. With experts attuned to insurers’ latest policies, we help you overturn denials so revenue flows to your practice.

Accounts Receivables Collections

Eye Care Leaders assesses your days in A/R and payment due mix and recommends remedies that can net more money annually in less time. We follow best practices to reduce 120 days A/R volume to 15% or less and understand the best chance to receive outstanding patient collections. You’ll rest easier with improved cash flow and fewer write-offs giving you greater financial freedom and producing better patient satisfaction.

See Change — Our Hands-On Approach Signals a Revenue Cycle Culture Shift

When you choose Eye Care Leaders for your revenue cycle management, our professional billers specially trained to optimize ophthalmology practices’ revenue cycle spring into action. Immersing ourselves in your current billing and coding system, we identify all cash opportunities, find the root cause of what’s preventing you from making more money, quickly, and implement the right tools to keep your practice generating consistently high income. Your practice could be making more money. Ready to do something about it?

Grow Your Practice

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We’re so passionate about helping you create your ideal eye care practice that we make 100% sure you pick the Revenue Cycle Solution (RCS) that’s right for you. When you work with us, our experts will dive deep with you about your specific needs and goals. We will walk you through all of our Revenue Cycle Solutions — from the highest-rated brands — and recommend which solution best suits your practice. With our experts guiding you on choosing the right RCS, you’ll see results fast!

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