Look into an EHR That Facilitates the Surgical Precision that ASCs Demand.

At Eye Care Leaders, we know that efficiency is a critical element of a successful ambulatory surgery center. That’s why our companies have designed EHRs specifically for you. Not only do our ASC EHRs interface with your practice EHR, but our technology also helps you coordinate work during pre-op, inter-op and post-op, and ensures efficient surgical scheduling and inventory management. Ready to test-drive our ASC EHRs now?

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Our technology streamlines the entire ASC process, giving you more time to focus on patient care, leading your staff and improving clinical outcomes

An ASC-Specific EHR Should Be Front and Center at Your Surgery Center.

Our ASC EHR solutions increase patient satisfaction and staff productivity. Patients will enjoy a calm, smooth administrative process as they prepare for and recover from their procedure. As for your staff, they’ll be equipped with all of the tools and training they need to check-in and discharge patients quickly. For example, ASC staff can customize our cataract and laser-vision surgery templates to fit their work preferences. Staff members also have the freedom to enter surgery data at the patient’s bedside so that all crucial information stays in one place.

Our technology streamlines the entire ASC process, giving you more time to focus on patient care, leading your staff and improving clinical outcomes. You’ll have all of the information you need right at your fingertips to create benchmarks, analyze costs and review historical data.

Plus, our ASC EHR products handle compliance reporting for you. Given the rigid and changing healthcare standards all ASCs will have to meet, now is the time to go paperless. We see you through the reporting process—from choosing an ASC EHR to implementing and maintaining it—ensuring that you have reduced medical errors and risk of liability. Talk to us about your ASC needs, and we’ll connect you with the technology that suits you best.

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You work in a fast-paced environment. You need a reporting system that doesn’t just keep up with you, but also empowers you to create systems that improve patient care over the long term. Your ASC could be more efficient, profitable and competitive. Our ASC EHRs can get you there.

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ASC Management Software Helps Generate Consistent Revenue Quickly.

If you own a share in the ASC where you perform surgeries, then you know how crucial it is that the ASC is profitable. You only make money if the ASC makes money. Eye Care Leaders knows that, too.

Our ASC Management software skyrockets productivity through solutions like surgical scheduling, inventory management tools, coding and billing software, and analytics. We make sure your ASC maximizes resources, complies with all healthcare standards, tracks and restocks inventory quickly, and gets paid more money at a faster rate. We also give you high-level analytics—all of the information you need to run a more effective and profitable ASC. You’ll get reports, benchmarks and action items that you can use right away to create measurable growth in your business.

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