8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Optometry Software

In eye care, time is money—and today’s eye care practices need more of both. That’s why your optometry software is so important. Aside from impacting patient care and the patient-provider relationship, it can either help or hinder your revenue-boosting efforts.

8 Essential Optometry Software Features

At the least, a solid optometry software system—like My Vision Express—should allow you to:

Pre-authorize vision plan insurance benefits with speed and accuracy.

Prior authorizations are a pain, costing you valuable staff time and overhead. But confirming vison plan benefits before patient check-in ensures you’ll be able to collect payment for your products and services. My Vision Express optometry software lets you search across multiple vision plans at one time to quickly find and authorize a patient benefit.

Quickly automate insurance calculations to be sure patient benefits are accurate.

Good optometry software should facilitate insurance calculations so that the optical staff doesn’t have to manually calculate them for each order. This My Vision Express feature prevents calculation mistakes and makes your optical more efficient and professional-looking. It’s a plus when patients don’t have to wait and watch you struggle with a calculator.

Preset marketing codes to accurately calculate promotions and discounts.

A specialized marketing module will allow your practice to accept coupons and automatically calculate discounts based on the marketing information that you specify. This eliminates manual calculation errors and saves time. This one of My Vision Express’s most powerful time and money-saving features.

The Marketing Module will also allow you to create sophisticated sales promotions designed to attract both new and returning patients. Then, you can use integrated analytics to track the success of your marketing efforts and identify the most effective marketing methods.

Automate ordering from lab and contact lens vendors.

Stop the double data entry and order in one click with Lab and Contact Lens Vendor interfaces from My Vision Express. You can connect directly to contact lens vendors for seamless, one-click ordering and save time by batching lab jobs and contact lens orders. There’s no need to visit a separate lab or contact lens website and retype your order information.

Once your orders arrive, you can receive them into My Vision Express and update the status to note that the orders are ready for final inspection or dispensing. Then, use the patient communication feature to automatically text or email patients to let them know their order is ready for pick up.

Use a clearinghouse to submit claims in batch format directly to the insurance company of your choice.

Using a clearinghouse allows you to submit groups of claims with just one click and without doubling up on data entry. My Vision Express is designed to streamline your practice workflow so that you can process insurance claims from start to finish without ever going outside of the software. Creating claims from your orders is simple and painless.

In addition to creating and submitting an electronic claim to the clearinghouse with the click of a mouse, you can send and organize patient statements with real-time processing. You can also receive electronic remittance advice (ERA) files in American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee 835 format.

Import ERA files to auto-allocate entire insurance payments with just one click.

Gone are the days of spending hours trying to allocate a large insurance check line by line until it balances. The My Vision Express ERA feature saves time and prevents posting errors. As MVE pulls in the ERA information, the system automatically allocates the payment based on the ERA details. That means that the entire ERA can be posted to the correct patient accounts with one click. You can check on the payment and allocation details, adjust, or write off balances if needed. Plus, insurance and aged receivable reports keep the details of what’s posted at your fingertips.

Easily reach out to patients to promote your practice, sale, or upcoming event.

The letter module of My Vision Express features a powerful communication and promotion management system. This is the most efficient way to retain a loyal patient community and build your business.

Using the module, you can create personalized communications from within the program and without the need for any other word processing software. This saves you time and money since this built in functionality eliminates the need to switch between software programs.

Pre-set templets let you send print or electronic communications to specified groups. You can search your patient database and target groups of patients based on criteria like amount of money spent, brands the patient has purchased, open patient balances, and more.

Ensure you never run out of popular inventory items.

My Vision Express allows you to set inventory reorder thresholds for items that you never want to run out of. This feature can be used for frames, stock lenses, contact lenses, or accessories. When the item counts reaches the threshold for reorder, the optometry software will automatically add that item to a purchase order.

You can also view, check, and send purchase orders to the vendors of your choice directly from My Vision Express. You won’t need to enter data on the vendors’ websites or call the vendor representatives.


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