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Single Platform Cloud-Based Solution For Eye Care Professionals

myCare iMedicWare combines practice management, EMR, revenue management, scheduling, and more to efficiently and effectively run your eye care practice.

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Enhance Patient Experience

Better Engage & Retain More Patients

Streamline Practice Operations

Save Time & Increase Efficiency

Optimize Financial Efficiency

Accurate Billing & Reporting

A Solution For All Of Your Unique Needs

Electronic Health Records

Provide better and faster care with our cloud-enabled EHR and training.

Practice Management

Effectively handle the administrative side of your practice by streamlining routine tasks.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Enable your staff to work as a team through the patient’s ASC experience – check-in to post-op.

myCare Portal

Save time, stay in compliance, and create more patient engagement through an enhanced patient experience.

Retail Optical

Facilitate sales with speed, efficiency, and accuracy through POS transactions, inventory management, and more.


Capture and examine crucial data from your practice to understand and consistently improve it.


Track patient and staff movement within the office to highlight potential bottlenecks and decrease patient wait time.

Why choose us?

  • Only cloud-based, single-platform solution on the market
  • Scalable solutions to fit any size practice
  • Focused exclusively for ophthalmology and optometry practices
  • Proven data migration techniques to make the transition as smooth as possible
  • Ensures operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and revenue growth
  • Compliances as per industry benchmarks

“myCare iMedicWare is user-friendly software. Our staff found it easy to learn. The software takes the patient from the phone call to optical and out the door with ease. Doctors, both computer experienced, and not, picked up on the EHR and just loved it.”

Gina B.

Administrator | Eye Associates


Our Vision – Your Success

See myCare
iMedicWare in Action