Why Is Cloud-Based EHR Software the Best Choice for Eye Clinics?

Cloud-Based EHR Systems for Eye Clinics: Important Facts to Know

Considering a Cloud-Based EHR system for your eye care practice? Read this first!

Cloud-based electronic health record systems are quickly becoming the EHR system of choice in medical clinics around the world, and in particular in eye clinics. Electronic health records systems based on cloud technology offer a host of benefits, from ease of use to top-notch security. They are also cost-effective and help offices offer superior patient care.
But what is cloud-based EHR software and how do you put it to use? What features do some of the leading cloud-based EHR software systems have? How do you go about EHR selection? And perhaps most importantly, what do you need to know about EHR training? This informative blog will look at cloud-based EHR software and explain everything you need to know as you look at an EHR software system for your eye clinic.

What Is a Cloud-Based EHR System

A cloud-based electronic health record system is a solution that helps practices of all sizes maintain patient health files. This system puts the files on the cloud instead of storing them on paper or, more likely, on an internal server at a specific medical facility or practice.
Many services are moving to the cloud, including a broad range of software services. Software applications that have moved or are moving to a cloud delivery mode include everything from workforce management services to bookkeeping, data storage, commerce management, and more.
Medical systems that are built using cloud services provide quick, easy access to patient information. The many benefits of cloud-based EHR systems include the fact that they are scalable, flexible, easy to use, and cost-effective. Freeing your eye care clinic from having to store patient medical records on-site means you do not need to employ IT professionals, can get a new EHR system up and running in almost no time, and get quick system updates delivered automatically over the internet.

What Are the Benefits of the Best EHR Systems?

Electronic health record systems that are stored on the cloud provide a host of benefits to users. These benefits help explain their fast-growing popularity in eye care clinics and in other health care settings. Some of the top benefits of EHR cloud software include:

  • They are easy to implement: When you contract with a provider for a cloud-based EHR system, someone else has already done all of the hard work for you. The providers have created the system, built dashboards, opened the door for permissions, set up firewalls, and more. Think about how simple it is to use Google Drive for your data storage – all you do is enter your credit card informati0n and then you can start dragging and dropping files that you can give anyone access to and access from anywhere. Cloud-based electronic health records provide records storage in a similar way – the provider has already developed the system and performed a host of troubleshooting and usability tests. All you need to do is open an account and then you can get to work.
  • They save practices money upfront and in the long run: A cloud-based EHR system will likely save your practice a signification amount of money both upfront and in the long term. All you need on your end is the subscription plan and your own computers or tablets. There is no need to buy software and servers, and since the EHR system is updated over the air, you will never need to trash your old EHR hardware in favor of a new system.
  • They significantly reduce and almost eliminate the need for IT services: Since all of the hardware for the system is stored with your EHR services provider, and since the system is accessed using the internet, you do not need to hire an IT specialist to buy, install, and maintain on-site servers. In many if not most cases, you can simply buy a computer or tablet, unbox it, plug it in and hook it up to the internet, then log into your EHR system, and you are ready to go. It is as simple as that.
  • They offer great access to needed information: Cloud-based EHR systems require a log-in to access the system, meaning that with the right app or web address, and a log-in name and password, most EHR systems can be accessed from almost anywhere. This means that the team at your eye care practice can move around the office and even between offices seamlessly, accessing records on the go and providing a superior level of patient care.
  • They make it easier for providers to collaborate: The easy access and log-on tools described above mean that it is simple for providers to collaborate to provide enhanced patient care. Depending on how your EHR is set up, multiple providers can access records at the same time. No more waiting for records to be uploaded and passed along – with cloud-based EHR, the options are unlimited.
  • They make it easy for practices to grow: A huge feature of cloud-based EHR is their scalability. With most systems, growth is a non-issue – if you add staff or new eye care clinic locations, all you need is to adjust your subscription model to account for the new users and then give them their computer or tablet – growing is really that simple.
  • They are easy to train on: Most high-quality EHR systems are very well designed and intuitive to use. Getting new staff up and running, or transferring your office to a new system, may only require a few hours of training – yes, you read that right. No longer do you need to send your staff off-site or bring in a specialist training team to teach you how to use your EHR. EHR training is now a breeze.
  • They promote data security: Security is a top concern with most high-quality electronic health record systems, and you can have peace of mind, and offer assurances to your patients, that all data and records are safely stored. Security features include two-factor authentication, strong password requirements, and more.

Is a Cloud-Based Electronic Health Record System the Right Choice for Your Eye Care Clinic?

As it is clear by now, cloud-based electronic health record systems have a long list of benefits for most eye care practices. Despite that, making the choice to switch to one may not be easy. In addition to all of the benefits described above, your choice of an EHR provider should include partnering with a company that will be willing to work closely with your practice to make sure you have the support and turning that you need, as well as a system that will be updated to include the latest in tech advancements.
myCare Solutions from Eye Care Leaders was built specifically for eye care practices, using the latest in tech and tools so practices of all sizes can provide superior service to their customers while saving time, money, and headaches.
To learn more about EHR selection, schedule a consultation with Eye Care Leaders today.

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