Does Your Ophthalmology Practice Management Software Assist in Running Your Practice Successfully?

It seems that as practices get busier and busier, there are more requirements and procedures to running a practice, but how do you handle the additional work without the financial burden of additional staff members? From scheduling and maintaining appointments to revenue cycle solutions, running a busy ophthalmology practice is a huge undertaking. Ophthalmologists are looking to ophthalmology practice management software to streamline procedures to keep their practice running smoothly. The best ophthalmology clinic software can help you keep your business on track.

Most people think that one ophthalmology practice management software is as good as the next, but that’s not true. Your ophthalmic  software should add value and make day-to-day operations run more smoothly, and different types of ophthalmology clinic software focus on different things. For instance, iMedicWare is exceptionally good for ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs). The Integrity EMR is customizable and cloud based, so clinics can use it across locations.

Your eye care software should make rescheduling an appointment easy, and should have a recall worklist to fill canceled or rescheduled appointment slots? Does the billing side of the software have procedures in place to ensure easily missed items are automatically corrected for clean claim processing? Does the software have a patient flow monitor to find and address bottlenecks in the office? Can you use your ophthalmic software to run intuitive reports to easily make accurate business decisions? If you are unable to answer yes to all of the above questions, it may be time to find a new ophthalmology practice management software vendor.

If you are in the market for your first ophthalmology practice management software or are looking to upgrade your ophthalmic EMR software (since it’s always evolving), make sure you have iMedicWare and the Integrity EMR on your list of software vendors. These tools are part of the myCare suite of eye care software, and they make rescheduling quick and easy with the drag and drop feature. Billing rules allows you to set automatic billing procedures for often missed claim qualifiers, allowing for accurate claim submissions the first time around. The patient flow monitor tells you exactly where your patients are and the reports can tell you where you need to focus your attention. The robust reporting tool gives practices the ability to run reports on virtually any field in the system for the most accurate data to make informed business decisions. With this and so many other advanced features, the ophthalmology practice management software and ophthalmology EMR by Eye Care Leaders can help keep your practice on track and assist you in running your successful ophthalmology practice.

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