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Intuitively designed and managed by a team of healthcare providers, our electronic medical records software is a powerful, cloud-based tool to help you manage patient records and streamline workflows.

With our cloud-based EMR software, documenting clinical notes will be a breeze. Just with a few clicks of the mouse, you can view patient summaries, create case notes using customizable templates, prescribe medications, order lab tests, and do a lot more just from a single screen.

Maximize productivity with the most intuitive EMR Software

Designed keeping three goals in mind – customizable, interoperable, and easy to use, our EMR software will allow you to expedite care delivery and spend more time interacting with patients. And when patients get your undivided attention and quality care, they feel more valued and give you repeat business.

Here’s why thousands of other eye care practitioners across the country trust our EMR systems:


The more you use our medical records software, the better it will get. Our machine-learning-based algorithm will automatically learn your unique style of diagnosis from your recent cases, thus lowering your documentation time.


We don’t believe in promoting “one size fits all” EMR systems that are only useful for charting electronically. Our EMR system is configured for eye care specialties providing the necessary content and decision support for delivering quality care.


Through the patient portal, you can quickly and securely communicate with patients at any time and share medical records and billing information. Our EMR software is compliant with all HIPAA privacy and security guidelines.


Each provider’s workflow is different. That’s why our team has created hundreds of templates for eye care specialists across the country. You can choose from our pre-defined templates or create your customized template to suit your unique practice style.


Right from appointment scheduling to billing, and from referrals to lab reports, every possible data is displayed on a user-friendly dashboard. The intuitive task lists, and built-in e-prescription and medication modules help eliminate handwriting errors and increase patient safety.


Our goal is to create technology that helps you care for patients without making a dent in your pocket. We are continuously innovating to make healthcare IT tools affordable for eye care providers. We assure you of providing advanced features at a fraction of the cost charged by other EMR software companies.

Enhance Productivity. Reduce Costs. Improve Patient Experience


Why choose us?

The smart, machine-learning-based algorithm, which is the cogwheel of our EMR software, will automate your eye care practice. From check-in to check-out, our user-friendly EHR system will eliminate the tedious work. You will be able to chart in seconds, in your own style, rather than to click tedious, fixed templates. The productivity, efficiency, and usability offered by our EMR system is incomparable to any other system in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Question

If I am using optometry practice management software, will the software take the patient care decisions?

No. The software will not tell you what to do; it will only provide real-time decision-making support. The software will simply make the right information accessible at the right time so that you can make the right medical decision.

Why should I invest in optometry practice management software?

Here’re some of the benefits:

  • Allows access to patient medical information from remote locations. Enables sharing of information among practitioners
    Enhances workflow efficiency
  • Improves quality of care
  • Reduces chances of medical errors and improves patient safety

Is the optometry practice software secure?

Yes. It is more secure than a paper chart. Patient data security is a significant part of healthcare and is ensured in the computerized system. Our optometry practice software secure is HIPAA compliant and requires separate log-in and password for each user. Unlike a paper chart, there are multiple security layers, which means not everyone can access every part of a patient’s medical record. You can also monitor which patient records were viewed through which log-in id. Security features like automatic log-offs ensure that patient records aren’t accidentally left open.

How will the optometrist clinic software improve the daily workflows in the office setting?

The piles of lab reports, messages, and medical records that sit on your desk will be replaced by electronic ‘tasks’ on your computer screen. For instance, a call to the doctor to review results will be replaced by a message and will be sent through the system. You will be able to access all of the patient’s surgical, clinical, and medical information at the push of a button. This will make communication more productive and improve efficiency. The entire workflow – from coordinating test results to prescription writing – will be more streamlined.

How will my patients benefit from optometry practice software?

The most significant benefit is improved and timely medical care. Healthcare providers will no longer be working in the dark because a lab test report isn’t available or filed incorrectly. The practice management software gives providers instant access to patient files, which helps in accurate decision making. The prescriptions are electronic, which means optometrists can print and sign them or fax them to the pharmacy. Once the prescription is in the system, renewing it is easy.

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