Q. What does this mean for EyeDoc?
A. myCare Suite means two great things for EyeDoc customers. First, EyeDoc is now part of Eye Care Leaders, and we have built myCare Suite with you in mind, offering you simple access to more solutions and a broader set of tools to help you grow your practice and operate more efficiently. Second, EyeDoc will continue to offer the exact same solutions as before, and continue to support and develop them through any regulatory and compliance needs. So, not only do you have access to more resources to achieve your growth goals, but you also have the option to keep things exactly as they are. Nothing with your current software will change.

Q. Do I have to change from my current software?
A. Absolutely not! If you’re satisfied with your current software, you don’t have to make any changes at all and nothing will change in terms of your support or service. myCare Suite simply gives you access to more solutions to grow your practice if you choose to take advantage of them. One of our main goals is to improve your experiences with the Eye Care Leaders family of companies, so we want to make the introduction of myCare Suite as simple as possible.

Q. What about basic upgrades and regulatory items like MIPS with my current EHR?
A. We have you covered. Your current software will still be upgraded regularly to ensure optimal functionality and regulatory compliance. You don’t have to do anything differently in order to ensure regular updates to your software.

Q. Will my regular contact at EyeDoc change?
A. No. Your regular technical and customer support contacts remain the same. We know how important the customer support / client relationship is, so nothing will change.

Q. What is myCare Suite?
A. myCare Suite is the culmination of years of experience from our Eye Care Leaders family of companies. We developed a full set of operational and software solutions to carry eye care practices into the future, while offering interfaced and integrated capabilities into our customers’ current software. EyeDoc, Integrity, Medflow, ManagementPlus, MDOffice, KeyMedical and IOPracticeware are part of the Eye Care leaders family, and now have access to the myCare Suite of solutions to provide you not only with the service and quality that you’ve come to expect, but also solutions that are tailored to your individual needs as an eye care provider.

Q. What do I have to do differently now?
A. Nothing. You are not required to change, purchase, upgrade, or otherwise move your current EHR or PM to anything else if you are happy with your current deployment. We recognize that choosing an EHR was an involved decision, and we have no intention of disrupting your workflow or making individual choices for you. All of your support and technical contacts with your current platform remain the same.

Q. If myCare Suite is the same set of solutions that Eye Care Leaders companies have always offered, why did you create it?
A. Working with our member companies for the past 18 months has helped us identify that we can best serve eye care professionals by focusing on three goals: flexibility, quality, and patient-care focus. myCare Suite was created to convey our focus on those goals. myCare Suite allows us to provide you not only with the service and quality that you’ve come to expect, but also new and unique solutions that are tailored to your individual practice needs.

Also, the real long-term value of our solutions will come in the form of full customization and integration of multiple tools to make life simple and sustainable for practices. By unifying the solutions from one vendor, transparently, we can fully integrate the entire set of solutions and customize them to every practice size and specialty.

Q. Do I have to switch to myCare if I’m a current customer of another Eye Care Leaders solution?
A. We developed this brand and set of solutions around you. If you are happy with your current platform and support, you can keep it exactly as it is today. Your current software will integrate into the myCare Suite of solutions, and we will continue to support all current platforms and customers. If for any reason you would like to explore any other deployment options, software, or operational solutions within our family of solutions, you can!

Q. When will myCare officially launch?
A. The official launch of myCare Suite is in April but the transition period involving Eye Care Leaders, myCare Suite, and the current brands will be a long-term process. To note that the platforms will continue to exist as you know them, and we will continue to support them for the foreseeable future.

Q. What other benefits will I see as part of Eye Care Leaders?
A. By bringing together the family of companies under Eye Care Leaders, we are collectively the largest provider of eye care-specific solutions in the market. This scale allows us to connect each of you with a broader network of peers and resources to support your practice. Additionally, we offer dedicated account representatives, continued support, a broader choice of practice solutions, a streamlined path to help you achieve your growth goals, flexibility in choosing platforms, and the peace of mind knowing that your practice is stable, and is supported by the best solutions on the market—giving you freedom to focus on your patients.

Q. Is myCare Suite related to Eye Care Leaders?
A. Yes. myCare Suite is the culmination of solutions developed by Eye Care. The mission of Eye Care Leaders is to empower thought leaders (like you) and enable innovation in eye care in order to build long-lasting partnerships with practices.

Q. How did you come up with the name “myCare”?
A. myCare is built on the belief that patient care always comes first, and practices should be empowered with customized solutions that allow them to focus on each patient. In our name, the “my” embodies our custom solutions that are tailored specifically for each practice, and the “care” embodies our complete focus on enabling better patient care.

Q. What’s going to happen to the current brands and software platforms?
A. Our existing brands will continue to operate, develop, and support current customers under the Eye Care Leaders family. However, the focus of myCare is to step beyond just software and look at the broader set of challenges eye care practices face today. The best tools, solutions, and ideas of each existing brand will continue to be added to the myCare Suite to create even better integration and customization for myCare Suite customers. However, you do not have to use any myCare tools, solutions, or ideas if you’re satisfied with your current solutions; they are available to you if and when you’d like to explore them.

Q. Whenever a company buys other companies, they always seem to sunset them, or slowly phase them out/terminate them. Why should I believe you, and how will you support 7 different platforms?
A. Eye Care Leaders is doing something unique in the eye care space: bringing together, under one roof, the best ophthalmology and optometry solutions in the industry to help you grow your practice. Our capital, expertise, and passion allow us to provide the best customer experience and peace of mind possible across all of our platforms. We are absolutely focused on our customers and our commitment to you.

Q. I’m unhappy with my current software/I want to see what myCare Suite is all about. How do I take advantage of myCare Suite solutions?
A. We make it really easy to explore and take advantage of what myCare Suite has to offer. Simply give us a call or visit our website and tell us that you’re ready to learn more about myCare Suite and how it can benefit your practice.