How Can an Ophthalmic EMR Change Ophthalmology Practice Management?

We all know that ophthalmology practice management software has been available for years – everyone has one. But has your ophthalmology practice management strategy evolved with the changes? With so much focus on ophthalmic EMR software, many vendors have let the practice management side fall behind. Your practice management should evolve as the technology does. New features, more functionality, and better reporting are all available. If you have not seen any improvements in your ophthalmology practice management system, it might be time for a system check to ensure you are getting all the benefits.

Here are some areas where we have seen great improvements due to advanced technology.

  • Patient Flow Monitors.  This is a great tool to determine if and where there may be bottlenecks during the patient encounter. This allows you to make adjustments that will increase patient satisfaction.
  • Claims. This is another area that has gone through many changes. Smart systems like  iMedicWare and the Integrity EMR have billing rule capabilities to autopopulate items that are frequently missed. This means claims are processed accurately, leading to a quicker payment and better overall financials.
  • Patient eligibility. An automated process gives you up-to-date and accurate insurance eligibility information, allowing the practice to collect the correct co-pays and deductibles up front. It also alerts the practice to inaccurate or ineligible insurance benefits.
  • Scheduling advancements. Scheduling or changing appointments a breeze. Some software, like the Integrity practice management solutions, even offer a drag and drop functionality.

Many enhancements have also been made on the back side of ophthalmology practice management.

  • Reporting. New ophthalmic EMR software programs have made vast improvements in reporting. A good ophthalmic software can run reports on virtually any field in the system, providing you with the key data needed to make informed business decisions. Easily run reports to see where staff members might be struggling and need assistance, and to find out which members are excelling. You should also be able to track where new patients are coming from: marketing campaigns, referrals, or word of mouth. Put your advertising dollars to their best use.
  • Statement Processing. This has also gone though many changes and has now become an automated process. Many companies offer outside sources to handle statement processing for you.

As you can see, ophthalmology practice management has evolved over the years and continues to evolve every day. Make sure your ophthalmology EMR and project management software is progressing with the times and improves office functionality rather than hindering the day-to-day processes. The myCare suite by Eye Care Leaders incorporates leading brands like iMedicWare, Integrity EMR and Integrity practice management, and ManagementPlus to provide a complete solution for ophthalmology practice management. Learn more about how to choose the best software here!

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