How to Complete the Advanced Beneficiary Notice

How to Complete the Advanced Beneficiary Notice
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Medicare has rules about when a patient should receive an Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN) and how it should look. If these rules are not followed, the patient may not be responsible for the cost of the care. Learn how to complete the ABN and use it in the right circumstances. 

In this webinar, Jackie Stack, Practice Optimization Manager for Eye Care Leaders, will discuss the Advanced Beneficiary Notice (ABN):

  • How to complete the ABN 
  • When to use 
  • When not to use 
  • Modifiers
  • And more!

This webinar will provide valuable insights for:

  • MIPS eligible clinicians 
  • Administrators and managers 
  • Clinical staff 
  • And more!

About The Speaker

Jackie Stack


Practice Optimization Team for Eye Care Leaders 

Jackie is a highly accomplished health care professional with more than 30 years of experience in health care administration, education, and compliance. She was part of AAPC’s ICD-10 Curriculum Development team and served on the NAB. She previously worked at a large multi-physician family care and occupational health practice with two locations in northwestern PA. 

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