How to Select the Best Ophthalmology Practice Management Software

When selecting an ophthalmology clinic software, there are many factors you should keep in mind. Is the software easy to use? Is it an ophthalmology-specific software? What type of training is provided? What safeguards are available in billing? Are you able to obtain the reports needed to make good practice decisions? These are just a few of the questions we hear every day. The myCare suite is a combination of the best ophthalmology practice management and ophthalmic EMR tools, including ManagementPlus, iMedicWare, and the Integrity EMR.

The Integrity practice management system is easy to use. This ophthalmic clinic software has been around for years. We provide on-going training to keep our users current. Advanced billing rules allow you to put safeguards in place to ensure your claims are processed correctly the first time. Our custom reporting tools allow you to easily create reports on almost any field in the system. This is what one of our user’s shared about our ophthalmology practice management software:

“In my 30+ years in the medical field as a Practice Consultant I have been exposed to different specialties and types of eye care software. Many tout that any report you would ever need has already been done and is included with the ophthalmology clinic software. It’s amazing that the first report your doctor asks for that is specific to your practice and your geographical area isn’t available! Then you have to pay to have a “custom report” written. With the iMedicWare and myCare suite custom report tools, you start with a blank canvas and within minutes can pull together any information needed for a specific request – that’s impressive”. – Linda Burton, CMM

So when you are out shopping for your ophthalmology practice management software, make a list of the things that are important to your practice. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before choosing an ophthalmology practice management or ophthalmic EMR software:

• What tools are essential in the day-to-day processes of your practice?
• Are the reports you need easily obtainable and can you create your own?
• Can you set up billing rules to avoid costly billing mistakes?
• Is there a patient flow monitor to assess patient wait times?
• Is training available on demand?
• What scheduling options are offered?
• What is the first time claims acceptance rate?
• What is the live call ratio?

Check out our ophthalmology practice management software to see how easy it is to obtain everything listed above and more. When looking at other ophthalmic EMR software, share your list and find out how they stack up. Make sure the ophthalmology clinic software you purchase provides you what you need to run your successful ophthalmology practice. Remember, ophthalmology EMR software is always evolving, so a new vendor may offer new options!

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