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Practice Configurable

Because Integrity is built only for eyecare practices, it is ready “out of the box” to seamlessly accommodate eye care workflows. On top of this, Integrity’s support team works with your practices to fully configure the workflow to ensure your Integrity EMR solution is easy to use, records the data you need, and helps you care for more patients in less time. Many EMR companies charge extra for custom templates, but with Integrity this support is included in our standard pricing because ensuring your EMR works for you is core to what we do.


Diagnostic Connections

We connect your compatible diagnostic devices, integrate your practice management system, help you easily configure it to your own preferences, and make sure everything functions in a seamless, intuitive, extremely efficient manner. And if you’re converting from an existing EMR, we work to convert your existing patient charts right into Integrity EMR.

If you want to relocate devices or computers, we’ll make sure your network is sending all the right data to the cloud and that you can get all the data exactly where you need it—even outside the office. Our team is committed to getting everything connected and communicating – your team focuses on the patient.


Data Migration Planning

Practices using Integrity consistently tell us that their transition to Integrity EMR went much faster than they expected. But even though we know your staff will find our EMR easy to use, we also know that having a data migration plan is essential for the transition. That’s why we’ll help you formulate a comprehensive data migration plan for your practice, so you can determine what information in your paper records needs to be transferred, what can remain as paper only, and how long you want to continue with paper records going forward, if at all.

Our team has helped hundreds of doctors transition to EMR – supporting that transition through planning is what makes Integrity a true partner to your practice.


Comprehensive Ongoing Support

As your EMR business partners, we’re always available to help you resolve any issue that might arise. Comprehensive support is a basic part of the Integrity EMR for Eyes package. You’ll get upgrades and new features automatically as part of our standard offering. Unlike other EMR companies, there are no additional charges for Integrity’s ongoing support. Why should you have to pay your EMR company to ensure it’s working?

Because Integrity EMR is designed from the ground up to be so easy, intuitive and reliable, we expect to mostly be your silent partner, doing our job quietly in the background. So, while we’re happy to be taken for granted, we’re just as happy to listen to suggestions for improvements from our partners.


Built-In Compliance

Some EMRs struggled or failed to meet Meaningful Use, ICD-10, or PQRS requirements. Fortunately, our product team has distilled the requirements specific for the ophthalmic workflow that will make your regulatory path to compliance much easier. And, our Client Services Team is here to help address any questions you may have along the way

Let’s face it – you don’t need to be thrilled about Meaningful Use, PQRS and VBPM. Integrity helps you understand and meet the challenges of these requirements so your practice can focus on the patient.

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