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Efficient Transition

Making the transition from paper to digital medical records is a major undertaking for any practice. Integrity works with each customer to provide a customized approach to data migration, staff training, and go-live. We’ll help you:

  • Understand your options
  • Assemble an interdisciplinary transition team of practice professionals to support your launch
  • Optimize the transition process and EMR system to your work flow
  • Link Integrity EMR to your diagnostic devices and practice management system

No practice is exactly the same, but every practice must transition to an EMR eventually. Integrity EMR is designed to be far and away the easiest solution for ophthalmologists and optometrists to adopt and use.


Easy To Use

In many ways, the biggest obstacle for many practice to adapting an electronic medical records (EMR) system is the thought of having to change the way you have always done things. The idea that you now have to conform your practice procedures to accommodate an EMR can cause anger.

That’s exactly why we created Integrity EMR; To make an EMR that not only conforms to the way your practice has always worked, but makes it easier and faster to do what you do. Our implementation team sets up the system framework based on your current practice workflow for you, BEFORE we deliver the system.  This allows for the most efficient use of your staff’s time in learning and transitioning to a new EMR.

And because of the intuitive nature of our product and the up-front work of our implementation team, we don’t require cutting back the patient schedule during implementation. There will be no lost revenue or declining cash flow due to a new EMR purchase or conversion.


Transparent Value Pricing

When choosing an EMR, understanding pricing and value is essential. How much will the system really cost you, what benefits are you receiving for your investment, and what hidden fees will you discover after launch in order to use and maintain the system. As a cloud-based software solution, Integrity EMR is an innovative, web-based EMR platform that spares you the worry and hassle of upfront start-up costs, in-house technical expertise, and sizable capital expenditures.

Our pricing model is simple, transparent, and fair – when you choose us, we become partners. We win together, lose together, and work together to ensure your EMR works properly, your staff can use it efficiently, and your patients are able to receive the care they deserve.


Complete Mobile Access

Traditional paper charts are available at one location and always at risk of fire, damage, or misplacement. Integrity EMR allows you to access patient records and other data anytime and anywhere from any Web browser using any connected PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. At home, moving between offices, or on vacation, Integrity’s cloud-based solution makes it easy for your staff to have complete access to the data you need.

But is the cloud as “safe” as a local EMR server or traditional paper charts? Yes! By reducing the risk of catastrophic events to your paper charts or local servers and protecting your records with powerful data encryption, we significantly reduce your risk of data loss compared to other chart and EMR options. Cloud technology allows for a level of redundancy and data protection a single practice could never afford on a stand-alone basis. This is why every major industry is converting to cloud technology every day. We’ve been there for years.


Eyecare Only

When choosing an EMR, one question is primary: should I choose an EMR built for many specialities and templates for eyecare? Or should I choose an EMR built specifically and only for eyecare? How you answer and understand this question will shape your EMR decision.

Developed in an intensive clinical setting and built only for eyecare, Integrity EMR elegantly addresses the real needs of practicing eye care professionals.

It’s so intuitive and easy to learn, and matches your existing workflow so well, your staff will immediately know where they are in the patient encounter and be up and running from day one. Every screen is meticulously designed to make interactions as efficient as possible, eliminate communication mistakes and seamlessly manage coding and compliance issues.

We believe that focusing only on eyecare is the only way to create the best eyecare EMR in the world. Give us 20 minutes of your time, and we know you’ll agree.

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