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“The cost of supporting a paper-based office can exceed $50,000 per year per provider.”*

By automating tasks such as prescription writing, referral letters, chart pulls, transcription and coding, your office will be able to add more appointments to the schedule without having to increase staff.

Based on the exam documentation created by the technician and physician, KeyChart® will recommend the appropriate eye code and E&M code for the visit. This will keep the practice from under coding exams. “A review of 60,000 audits of physician billing records conducted by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) client services division in 2012 found that 37% of the records either were undercoded or underdocumented, equating to an average of $64,000 in foregone or at-risk revenue per physician.”**

KeyChart® allows the physician to have electronic access to a patient’s chart through a virtual private network (VPN) from a remote satellite office, home, the hospital, while on vacation, or wherever he may be where he would want to access the patient’s medical record.

KeyChart® can be combined with KeyMed™ practice management software and KeyOptical™ inventory and eyeglass dispensing software in the KeySuite™ of products.

  • Improved Patient Care
  • Consistency Throughout Practice
  • A More Productive Staff
  • Remote Access for Physicians
  • Elimination of Paper Charts
  • Increased Profit and Revenue
  • Legible Documents
  • iPad Compatible

KeyMedical has developed an EMR software exclusively for the ophthalmologist.  KeyChart® will actually allow you to add more patients to your day as well as provide you with complete documentation at the end of each exam – not at the end of the day!

**Morris S. EMR: The Real Costs. Optometric Management. 2007; 42:28-36.

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