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Flexible, complete medical records

MDoffice lets you tailor your own easy-to-use charts, whether you work in one office or are a physician linked to a clinic.

With MDoffice’s flexible and customizable medical records, you can write your own problem-specific forms and use personal phrases to detail encounters. You can quickly and easily organize notes and records of lab findings, prescribed medication, allergies, vitals, and images; you can also draw and annotate directly on stock drawings, or insert drawings and images into your notes and patient charts; you can make graphs to chart the trends of vitals, test and lab results; and you also get access to medical databases when you detail your findings.

MDoffice takes the hassle out of managing medical records.

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You can tailor your charts to match your taste and medical specialty. Our charts are streamlined to capture information quickly. When you click the mouse to call up the chart of your next patient, you’ll get complete, organized, easy-to read SOAP notes plus a complete history of symptoms, treatment and medicines that you have prescribed plus lab texts, x-rays and images.

You can fill in your personally tailored chart as you talk to the patient. At the end of the encounter, you click on a dropdown drawer and choose the correct codes for insurance, billing and accounting.

Your completed report of an encounter will be thorough, detailed and available to everybody in your practice who needs to see it. MDoffice logs in the time your patient entered to when he or she left, so you can know who is where, for what, and how long they have been waiting.



With our Imaging feature, you can tightly integrate care, service, and billing. You can copy documents into the database and link to them; you can attach documents and images to patient charts; you can also detach, sort ,search, print, fax, or email any document or image.

Versatile and powerful, MDoffice imaging lets you see any attached image instantly, from radiology images to lab results. You can also annotate, resize, or zoom in on any image. It also allows you to easily share photographs, images, or graphs to colleagues from another practice or hospital to get a second opinion.

The end of the paper shuffle.


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With MDoffice Digital Forms, physicians can create a custom template, or share a template with other physicians. You can ink, draw, type, annotate, and capture documents on the go with a tablet PC or a smart phone; you can use stationery formatted by MDoffice or import your own templates; and you can save documents in a range of formats for future correction or editing.

You can also key in notes; the software will recognize your handwriting so you can mark up charts, forms and documents by hand. You can scan a document into MDoffice and tell the Designer function to insert whatever data you want into the form. In addition to all of these functions, the system comes with software to recognize your voice for dictation.



The MDoffice Designer, part of the EMR system, allows you to change the software any way you want. The Designer function changes the template, the architecture, what appears on the screen, and the way it works. It is a versatile and powerful tool that is simple to understand and easy to use.

With the MDoffice Designer, you can add vocabulary appropriate to your medical specialty; you can change the language used to report history, problems, complaints, assessments, diagnoses, procedures, medications, and lab results, among many others.

Versatile and customizable, Designer ensures that the charts you use are tailor-fit to your practice.



The encounter with the patient is the most important reporting item for all physicians. A chart that matches the work flow of your practice means better care and faster documentation. Every doctor, every medical specialty, and every practice is different. This is why MDoffice offers customizable charts — so you can manage your practice your way.

MDoffice Designer is an easy-to-use tool that lets you tailor the language of the chart—from history to assessments and plan—any way you want. With a customized chart, you can enter any image, graph or diagrams into a patient’s chart that you see fit, and the report of your encounter will be instantly available to lab technicians, surgeons, and others who need it.

Aside from the chart function, the software also lets you analyze everything from administration and accounting to clinical and insurance productivity, scheduling, letters and managed care. You can store these clinical, financial and administrative data on charts if you want.

The tools built into the MDoffice software help you measure revenue and productivity and make sure you are compliant with Medicare and HCFA guidelines. But more importantly, they help you build better relationships with your patients.

As with most computer software, all forms in MDoffice are redundant. Chart tabs for History, Subjective, Workups, Examinations, Assessments and Plan plus Summary are located both from top to bottom on the left side of the screen and from left to right on the top of the screen. You can access anything you want with a click of the mouse.

At the top of the form you can instantly retrieve both clinical and financial information about your patient by clicking on Patients, Appointments, Charts, Claims, Deposits, Inventory, Administration and Messengers.

When you finish, the system will note the time, so you can track the progress of a patient through your practice.

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