The most advanced optometry software solution to accelerate any practice. 

Since 61 percent of revenue comes from eyewear and contact lens sales1, a software solution is needed that works for you and your staff. With powerful and intuitive tools created to help each member of your eye care team streamline everyday tasks, My Vision Express enables you to focus on giving your patients the very best care with the Optical Point-of-Sale Module, PM, EHR, Patient Engagement, Vision & Medical Billing, and Reporting solution set. 



Accelerate every part of the practice to meet future goals.


Efficient scheduling, optometry workflow, optical retail, and insurance billing.


Tailored to your practice’s needs just like thousands of others.

My Vision Express increases clinical efficiency and staff productivity, truly empowering every part of your practice.


Optical Point-of-Sale

Make optical sales a natural extension of the eye care experience.

Process sales with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The Quick Order feature is the ideal point-of-sale (POS) system, with a convenient way to create orders, fill prescriptions, add payments, and more — all on one screen. Inventory management allows you to maintain accurate control of frames, contact lenses, spectacle lenses, lens treatments, services, and other items for a single practice or multiple locations. Look-up and transfer items across locations and easily keep track of inventory in real-time.


Practice Management

Manage patient records no matter your practice size or provider count.

Manage patient records as effectively and efficiently as possible, including demographic and insurance information, prescription history, health records, appointments, order history, and much more.


Electronic Health Records

Our MACRA-ready EHR empowers you to fully document eye exams with speed and ease.

Perform paperless eye examinations efficiently, as well as reducing errors that may occur. The 2015 edition certified Health IT Module is fully integrated into a complete electronic record-keeping system that helps your practice every step of the way.


Patient Engagement

Manage appointments, focus on marketing efforts, and engage with patients via voice, two-way text messaging, email, and local search/online reviews.

Seamlessly manage appointments, focus on marketing efforts, and engage patients with a dynamic, multimodal interactive feature. Reach patients via voice, two-way text messaging, email, and local search/online reviews.

billing icon

Vision & Medical Billing

Streamline claims management by automating the authorization, claims, and remittance processes.

Streamline billing, accounts receivable, and insurance claims processing. Required fields are automatically highlighted for the claim to be successfully processed, reducing errors, resulting in faster reimbursements. Also process Canadian insurance through My vision Express.



Use hard data to make the best decisions for your practice.

MVE offers dynamic SSRS reporting to track patient details, exam statistics, and a complete optical retail view to clearly see your business from all perspectives.

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Built and Supported to Fit Your Needs 

Eye Care Leaders has built My Vision Express to support your needs through a variety of services. 

The My Vision Express Cloud is ideal for practices and businesses which have limited resources for running, updating, and maintaining a client/server environment. Our network and database administration team will manage and store your databases so that you don’t have to. 

The My Vision Express Server option is for those practices who wish to host at their own location, as well as paid hosting.

Data Conversion & Migration 

To help your office in the transition process from your old management system to My Vision Express, we offer cost-effective data conversion services that will save you both time and money.


My Vision Express users will be able to utilize the user-friendly and intuitive practice management system and EHR software to meet your practice’s needs.  Both on-site and remote training are available by talking to your assigned onboarding professional.

Live Support

Our client service representatives will provide you with tiered support via telephone, email, and a client support portal. For advanced support, our agents will connect to your system and walk through fixing the issue.

1. Practice Advancement Associates (2015). Key Metrics: Assessing Optometric Practice Performance 2015. Retrieved from

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