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Some of the top issues we have been able to address are workflow optimization within ophthalmology practices, decreasing longer wait times within the practice management areas, vision insurance and being able to integrate with certain solutions, as well as ease of inventory management. We are always looking to assist in any and all issues addressed by our customers and prospects.

Depending on the type of practice, solutions have been developed to assist in all different settings. Whether you are coming from a one provider practice, or a large surgery center, we’ve got a solution for you! Browse our solution tab for more info.

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A Powerful Family of Eye Care Solutions, that will Coordinate, Improve, and Enhance, Every Aspect of your Practice.

myCare iMedicWare

Running an effective and profitable eye care practice is challenging. Regulations and technology are evolving at a rapid pace—you need a long-term partner that can offer a complete set of practice services, software.

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Analytics
  • Practice Management
  • Optical
  • Portal
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • iMonitor


myCare Integrity

myCare Integrity is a unique, best-of-breed solution for ophthalmic EMR and PM that offers the flexibility to choose the finest solutions to integrate together to best fit your office needs. This powerful combination is efficient, effortless, and customized for your individual practice workflow.

  • Electronic Health Records
  • Practice Management
  • Additional Integration Options


myCare MVE

Since 61 percent of revenue comes from eyewear and contact lens sales1, a software solution is needed that works for you and your staff. With powerful and intuitive tools created to help each member of your eyecare team streamline everyday tasks, My Vision Express enables you to focus on giving your patients the very best care with the Optical Point-of-Sale Module, PM, EHR, Patient Engagement, Vision & Medical Billing, and Reporting solution set.

  • Optical Point-of-Sale
  • Practice Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Patient Engagement
  • Vision & Medical Billing
  • Reporting


myCare Services

One reason you may have entered the healthcare field was to provide care, but the myriad of labor-intensive operational challenges can hinder that goal. Government regulations, billing, payments and more, all affect the performance of your practice. myCare Services can be added to myCare iMedicWare or myCare Integrity to optimize your practice’s operations and revenue. These a la carte services include Revenue Cycle Management, Analytics, Patient Engagement, Payment Processing, Statement Processing, Clearinghouse, and MIPS Assurance. Allow these services to optimize your practice’s workflow to allow you to concentrate on your patients.

  • Revenue Cycle Management*
  • MIPS Assurance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Patient Acquisition and Retention
  • Patient Reactivation


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  • As an objective, non-bias consultant, I see a lot of failed EHR implementations and hear of countless stories of physicians who have buyer’s remorse after the purchase of a new system. The biggest fear my clients express when picking a new vendor is ensuring all the promises made during the demo come true when the syste

    Jeffery Daigrepont, SVPCoker Group

    Brian Wnorowski
  • One of the benefits that myCare iMedicWare brings to the table is that it feels natural to use. The workflow perfectly aligns with my patient encounters, and there isn’t a huge learning curve like. I’ve found with other Ophthalmology EMR providers. I couldn’t be happier that we chose to use myCare iMedicWare.

    Brian Wnorowski, M.D.


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