The Right Optical Shop Software Means More Time with Patients

When you got into healthcare, you wanted to make a difference in the lives of your patients. Devoting your career to eyecare means more than just dispensing glasses and contacts. You help people better experience the world around them.

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But these days, you’re probably not spending as much time as you’d like with patients. In fact, a recent study found that most physicians spend just 27 percent of their in-office time with patients. Instead, more and more time is taken up with scheduling, record keeping and other administrative tasks.

That’s where we come in. Eye Care Leaders offers a wide array of optician software options to help you devote more time to your patients and their eyesight. Our optical POS, optical billing software and optical inventory management software options help you complete tasks easier and more efficiently.

No matter what you need to do, our simple tools help make the task easier and more efficient:

Make orders easier

Spending too much time on orders? myCare iMedicWare Optical lets you create a point-of-sale order from a single screen with demographics and prescriptions from the PM and clinical EHR systems. Using promotions and coupons to get customers in the door? You can apply them to transactions and have them calculate directly into the POS order. You can also process adjustments, write-offs, and balance transfers. And when you need to look up a specific order, it’s easy to search by order number, date, patient name and more. Do you have an order that needs to be filled in a lab? It’s easy to transmit it and track its status.

Cut down inventory time

Still doing manual inventory? With iMedicWare Optical, you can handle it right in your retail optical POS software. Print lab orders, receipts and custom letters and forms from the data in your system. Instantly send orders for contact lenses from the order screen and track them every step of the way. Handle payments for multiple orders or multiple patients easily. And you can even manage returns, exchanges, and warranty transactions from the same place.

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Improve reordering

Is it a hassle to reorder what you need? iMedicWare Optical is here to change that. Its Quick Order feature is a convenient way to create orders, fill prescriptions, add payments and more—all on one screen. It also makes it easy and intuitive for anyone on your staff to order and reorder eye wear and contact lenses.

Streamline everyday tasks

Is your office staff overwhelmed? My Vision Express can help. It has vision POS software, electronic health records, practice management and patient engagement features, reporting and billing tools and more, so you and your staff can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on great patient experiences.

Make insurance a snap

Do you struggle with factoring in co-pays and knowing what’s covered under all the insurance plans you accept? Those days are over. With iMedicWare Optical, it’s easier than ever to process patients’ insurance. You can automatically determine the amounts owed by the patient and their insurance company and factor in discounts and sales tax. It also has built-in features that help you accept payments, generate insurance claims, and process refunds and store credits. You can even generate insurance claims by line item.

Ease the transition from clinic to retail

Your patients love the convenience offered by a blend of clinical expertise and robust frame and lens offerings. iMedicWare Optical makes operating both sides of the business seamless. This optician software features a Quick Order screen that provides an easy and swift solution to accept prescriptions from the EHR, create a new order, add payments and deposits, and send CPT codes back to iMedicWare practice management tools for immediate processing to popular vision service plans from one screen.

Keep patients happy

When you make everyday tasks easier on your patients, they stay with your practice for longer. With iMedicWare portal, it’s easier for patients to schedule appointments, pay bills and save time by filling out forms at home. That means a better overall patient experience.

Securely store and access patient health records

When it comes to health records, you, and your patients both want to know they’re in good hands. My Vision Express lets you fully document eye exams and securely store electronic health records with speed and ease. You can also manage demographic and insurance information, prescription history, health records, appointments, order history, and more.

Streamline billing

Are you missing out on funds you’re owed because of poor optical billing systems? The efficient vision and medical billing, accounts receivable, and insurance claim functions in My Vision Express help improve your cashflow so you can grow your practice.

When your staff has the best tools, they can work smarter, so everyone on your team can provide the best possible patient care. Want to learn more about our optical shop software options for your practice? Contact us.

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