Important tips to optimize your eye care practice

Eye care practices no longer have the luxury of doing things the same way they have always been done. Growing competition, decreasing payments, and consumers who expect superior service all means that your eye care practice needs to do everything it can to optimize its operations.

That’s not all that today’s eye care practices have to contend with. The costs required to maintain a practice are rising while reimbursements are shrinking. In short, you need to do everything you can to retain your current patients while at the same time recruiting new ones. This blog will help you understand how to optimize your eye care practice so you can do more with less and continue to thrive in this difficult and super competitive market. Ready? Let’s get started.

Tip 1: Choose one IT platform and stick with it

As your practice has grown and changed over the years, it is likely you have picked up IT from a number of vendors and providers, and these may even be running on totally separate IT platforms.

While each of those platforms may have their own benefits, maintaining multiple IT platforms opens the door to confusion, waste, and missed opportunities. Migrating your operations on to one enterprise-level IT platform is a great way to optimize your eye care practice.

Choosing the right IT provider for your ophthalmology practice will save you time and money. You can connect all of the operations of your eye care practice and ambulatory surgical center by picking one ophthalmology software provider and sticking with them.


Tip 2: Integrate your ambulatory surgical center with your clinic

Integrating your ASC with your clinic is essential no matter if you are a single-office operation or part of a large organization with multiple branches and offices.

Enterprise-level ophthalmic ASC practice management software can save you and your staff valuable time. For example, entering patient data in one location will make it available in other locations, and patients who are first seen in your ASC and later cared for in your eye care office will not have to wait while records are requested, transferred, and then downloaded and displayed. Instead, they will be there automatically since the IT systems will seamlessly communicate with each other.

Advanced eye care practice management software tools, like those from Eye Care Leaders, can separate information between the ASC and your clinic. This ensures proper visibility and ensures seamless data transfer while protected patient information such as financial and payment data. But since the systems are connected, for example, your front office and back office staff will need to merge reports from multiple departments or even multiple locations.

Employing this sort of IT integration will free up valuable time for your staff and allow you to focus on your patients – this optimizes your practice and sets the stage for greater patient satisfaction.

Tip 3: Put analytics to work for you

One of the most exciting features of new eye care practice management software systems is the ability to generate large amounts of data. These data can eb analyzed to glean important findings about your patients, your staff, your operations, your services, your locations, and more.

With the right analysis, financial and operational analytics from your ophthalmic ASC and ophthalmology software can be used to make key important future decisions. For example:

  • Do you need more staff, or do you need to hire specialty staff?
  • Are you spending too much time with patients – or too little time?
  • Are you offering the right services?
  • Should you offer new products – or should you discontinue some of the products you currently offer?
  • Do you need to open a new location?
  • Do you have the right tools and technology needed to serve your patients effectively and efficiently?

Data from your analytics can set the stage for making important decisions that will drive profitability and customer service now and far into the future. If it is constructed properly, you will be able to see big-picture trends while also drilling down into minute specifics.

Tip 4: Use the right practice management software to engage with patients and improve your customer service

The new types of eye care practice management software can do wonders for your engagement with patients and efforts to improve your customer service.

For example, with the time saved by not having to hunt for records, providers can spend more time one on one with patients. Wait time can be reduced, since so much paperwork can be filled out ahead of time – no more having patients walk in and then handing them a stack of forms, surveys, and legal documents to sign.

Your ophthalmology practice can further improve your patient engagement and customer service by allowing patients to easily schedule their next appointment online and pay a bill with ease – in many cases, patients can handle the entire schedule and billing process through your website. This means your staff will spend less time on the phone and patients can take control of their care in ways that are helpful to them.

Then, with fewer tedious tasks to complete, your eye care providers and support staff will be better able to handle patient loads, make meaningful connections with patients, and provide a higher level of care.

Overall, by increasing the level of communication you have with patients and cutting out the clutter, you can let patients know you are a modern practice that puts their interests first. Little touches can go a long way – for example, you can expand your social media presence, answer customer inquiries faster, send out birthday or holiday greetings, create an informative and helpful newsletter, or even run special promotions in your optical department. Good eye care practice management tools will even automate many of these practices as well as send out appointment reminders or notifications of cancellations for patients looking for an earlier appointment. You can even send out quick text messages to your patients asking them to leave reviews on your website or social media pages. These are small but critical tools that can add up to improve your customer engagement and patient retention.

Choose the right practice management software to optimize your eye care practice

Eye Care Leaders has software and solutions for eye care providers. With a range of single-platform tech tools, you can optimize your practice while providing better care to your patients and ensuring lower overhead. With practice management software from Eye Care Leaders, you can increase your revenue while shrinking your expenses, and on top of that you can drive more positive patient engagement, gain valuable insight from your analytical data, and more. To learn more, contact Eye Care Leaders today.

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