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Optimizing Your

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Our team here at Eye Care Leaders, is excited to share how My Vision Express can optimize profitability for your optical practice

In eye care, time is money-and today’s eye care practices need more of both.

That’s why your optometry software is so important. Aside from impacting patient care and the
patient-provider relationship, it can either help or hinder your revenue-boosting efforts.

A solid optometry software system-like
My Vision Express-should allow you to

My Vision

Quickly automate insurance calculations to be sure patient benefits are accurate.

My Vision

Preset marketing codes to accurately calculate promotions and discounts.

My Vision

Automate ordering from lab and contact lens vendors.

My Vision

Use a clearinghouse to submit claims in batch format directly to the insurance company of your choice.

My Vision

Import ERA files to auto-allocate entire insurance payments with just one click.

My Vision

Easily reach out to patients to promote your practice, sale, or upcoming event.

My Vision

Ensure you never run out of popular inventory items.

Backed by years of experience & created by eyecare specialists, My Vision Express has a strong
track record of helping OD’s & optical practices across the country.

Come meet our team at Booth F5055 to see how we can accelerate your optical practice


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