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The programs featured below will reduce double data entry and clerical mistakes, making for a better overall solution for you and your practice. If you’d like to learn more about these programs, please review the information below and fill out our form.

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Let TSYS® Perform a Complimentary Savings Analysis Today!

Variety of Payment Methods

Accept credit cards and PIN-less debit cards, ACH (eCheck)** and Health Savings Account Cards


Competitive Rates and Fees

Integrated Benefits

Integrated with Eye Care Leaders’ eligibility and benefits

Practice Efficiency

Increase your office efficiency and accelerate receivables

  • Facilitate easy payment posting to Eye Care Leaders’ PM and Patient Portal
  • Stop updating and balancing two systems, eliminating redundancy and reducing errors
  • Integrate financial reporting of bank account deposits to simplify payment reconciliation

Achieve Peace of Mind

Collect payments on time and improve cash flow

  • Provide a safe and secure payment environment
  • Gain onshore, 24/7 customer support
  • Enjoy a free payment processing consultation

Patient Satisfaction

Offer Patients Choice and Flexibility for Payments

  • Make it easy for patients to pay with the method of their choice, offering the convenience they expect
  • Accept Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, American Express®, ACH (eCheck)**, PINless debit and Health Savings Account cards
  • Give your patients the flexibility to budget a recurring or installment payment plan**

About TSYS

Experienced healthcare partner dedicated to providers’ success

  • Every hour of every day, TSYS processes thousands of healthcare-related transactions*
  • Serving over 37,000 Healthcare Providers
  • 24/7 service and support
  • Meet all Visa and MasterCard PCI standards
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**Features coming soon

Convert more consultations into fully funded procedures with the myCare Payment Program.

Broader Range of Approvals

This financing program serves a broader range of credit scores than other financing programs – leading to more approvals.

Interest Rates Starting at 16.9%

The program provides 24, 36, and 48-month terms to keep monthly payments affordable for your patients.

Patient-Friendly Terms

As long as patients make the minimum monthly payments and pays the balance off by the end of 12 months, all interest is applied to the principle balance with your patient paying no interest at all!

Easy Setup

Gain peace of mind during the setup process

  • Integration into your PM allows for on-site approval in less than 5 minutes
  • Work with our experts every step of the way

Convenient for Your Referral Networks

No accounting or registration hassles

  • No sign up required for your referral network
  • Easy to use “split pay” feature
  • Referral sources get paid within 48 hours
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Enjoy the benefits of the new Eye Care Leaders and DMA® Statement Processing Solution

Customization & Flexibility

Whether your clients prefer digital or print communication, DMA offers the flexibility you need to reach patients.

Speed up Payment Times

Put DMA’s 40 years of experience to work for you with easy-to-understand statements and next-day turnaround times.

Seamless Transition

It’s quick and easy to start outsourcing your statements to DMA. We can help get you start saving today!


Speed up collections and minimize days in A/R

  • Accepts files from any practice management system
  • Save on your current rate for statements
  • Choose from a variety of layout and design choices that drive results
  • Guarantees 24-hour turnaround
  • And more!


Get paid within hours of transmitting your file to DMA’s HIPPA compliant electronic delivery system

  • Offers a secure opt-in enrollment process
  • Upload with just a single file to DMA
  • Reach patients wherever they may be using mobile, tablet, desktop, smart watch and more!
  • Add notes on statements as needed

Collection Notifications

DMA offers a cost-effective way to speed up collection of past due balances

  • Design templates that resemble a check, which increases likelihood of being opened
  • Spanish and English versions available
  • And more!

Marketing Communication

Engage with patients through every communication with branded mail inserts

  • Options for design services or using existing materials
  • Promote the latest services offered at your practice
  • Notify clients about staff changes or updated information for the office
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Let us MEET OR BEAT Your Current
Clearinghouse Rates*.

Easily Scrub and Edit Claims

Scrub and edit claims (including custom edits and clinical claim scrubbing), send claims to the payer, and review payer responses.

Track Claim History

Gain visibility into claim history and real-time status with a single click.

Receive Your Full Payment

Challenge underpayments successfully with detailed, accessible payment and denial information. Prove claims were filed on time with a single click.

Create, Fix, and Track Claims

Practice Insight offers an easy, user-friendly way to create, correct, and track claims

  • Work from one screen without having to constantly switch between multiple modules.
  • Get updates at every step of the process through payer response messages.
  • Gain visibility into the full history of your claims with a single click.

Submit More “Clean Claims”

Ensure your claims are error-free before they are submitted with integrated claim scrubbing

  • Over 98.5% first-pass clean claim rate.
  • Practice Insight detects as many potential problems as possible before a claim goes out.
  • Increase collections and speed up payment times with custom edits, powerful clinical claim scrubbing and payer-specific edits.

Fix Claims in Real Time

Easily fix invalid claims using Practice Insight

  • Simply click on the “Invalid” list, and gain access to all claims that need to be fixed.
  • There’s no need to jump back and forth between multiple modules. Easily select any claim, make the correction, re-scrub the claim, and mark it “ready to send”.

About Practice Insight

Proven, trusted, and efficient revenue cycle management

  • Trusted by more than 72,000 Healthcare Providers
  • Connects providers to thousands of commercial and government payers to submit claims.
  • Easily integrates with current Practice Management systems
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