Connecting Eye Care Patients and Practices

myCare Portal allows you connect to with your patients and continue to provide out-of-office care and follow-up at any time – even when you’re out of the office. It increases patient engagement and allows a patient to feel more involved with their own care. Further, it reduces administration work for staff since information entered into the myCare Portal is automatically downloaded into each patient’s file. This is a result of the seamless integration with myCare PM and EMR solutions.

Easily Accessible and Robust Feature Set

The patient portal can be reached directly from your practice’s website to allow patients to reach your office at any time. Services available include:

  • Patient education services
  • Medical refill requests
  • Secure bill pay
  • Schedule new appointments
  • Fill out patient forms

Put myCare Portal to work for your practice by increasing productivity and compliance while also connecting with your patients like never before.