Convert More Consultations to Procedures.

Dramatically increase your LASIK and premium IOL procedures with our easy and inclusive payment program for your patients.

You make a significant investment in your premium services, and out-of-pocket patient costs can hinder your conversion rates. myCare Payment Program was designed with your practice in mind. By simplifying the sign-up process for your practice, your referral network, and your patients, as well as accepting broader ranges of credit scores, you can increase your patient-pay procedures by allowing them the flexibility to pay on their schedule, and improving your bottom line. myCare Payment Program gives you a way to get reimbursed sooner while allowing the patient to experience a budget-friendly solution.

Put myCare Payment Program to work for your practice by increasing both your revenue and patient satisfaction through an affordable payment plan.

  • Convert more consultations to procedures
  • Deliver one button financing
  • Instant patient credit approvals
  • No need for referral network registration
  • Reward your referral sources with monetary splits
  • 48-hour reimbursement to practices

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