Approve More Patients and Grow Your Revenue

Competitive financing programs typically only approve 30 percent of patients, which leaves practices underutilized. Eye Care Leaders has partnered with Rev-Healthcare and UGA to create the myCare Payment Program. The myCare Payment Program provides a financing program that matches your current plan and can double the number of approvals you currently receive. Benefits include:

  • Matching the cost of 12 and 24 month no interest plans you currently have with CareCredit
  • Providing a 10% lower interest rate to the patient at no increase in costs – saving the patient thousands of dollars
  • Lender paying referral sources directly and not requiring the OD to sign up for the program – saving the practice time and money
  • Integration into ManagementPlus and MDoffice making the application process just “one-click” with approvals in less than a minute
  • Providing financing to patients with lower FICO scores which increases the practice’s revenues
  • All Eye Care Leaders clients are approved – just sign up!

In this webinar, Bryan Stevens, President of Rev-Healthcare, a partner with Eye Care Leaders, will address the following:

  • How to increase your revenue by using the myCare Payment Program
  • How this program will save your patients money
  • The importance of partnering with a lending program integrated with your practice management system
  • A demo showing the one-click approval process
  • An overview of the myCare Payment Program costs
  • And more!

This webinar will provide valuable insights for:

  • Physicians
  • Administrators
  • Billing departments
  • And more!

About The Speaker:

Bryan Stevens
President of Rev-Healthcare, LLC

Bryan has over 20 years of consumer and commercial lending experience with banks, finance companies, and the FDIC. He is currently the President of Rev-Healthcare, a consumer finance technology company (FinTech) that provides lending and loan servicing products and services to hospitals, medical suppliers, and physician offices. He has held the role of CEO of a community bank and CFO of a consumer financing company.