Taking Back Your Practice

Practices run with fewer resources, and tensions can be high. Learn techniques to take the drama out of emotionally charged and unproductive situations.

In this webinar, Rhonda Buckholtz, Chief Compliance Officer, will discuss:

  • How to use lean processes for drilling down to root causes through reporting
  • What are the right reports to run to focus on the data needed to strive for continual improvements
  • How to gain the crucial buy-in you need from key stakeholders

This webinar will provide valuable insights for:

  • Physicians
  • Administrators
  • Billing departments
  • And others

About the Speaker

Rhonda Buckholtz, CPC, CPMA, CRC, CDEO, CPC-I, CHPSE, COPC, Chief Compliance Officer

Rhonda has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare, working in the management, reimbursement, billing, and coding sectors, in addition to being an instructor. She was responsible for all ICD-10 training and curriculum at AAPC.