Should You Outsource Your Ophthalmology EMR Services?

Thinking of outsourcing your Ophthalmology EMR Services?

Whether or not your eye care practice should outsource EMR services is a question that we are often asked. While there’s no right or wrong answer, there are different viewpoints.

Some experts say that under the practice’s owner’s nose is where EMRs belong! Well, that’s not the case. Many eye care providers kept their EMR services in-house only to have claim denials slip through their fingers, payments getting delayed or going unpaid, and an increasing number of frustrated staff in front of them.

On the other hand, instant access to trained staff and advanced technology combined with significant cost reductions are driving forces behind the turn toward outsourcing EMR services. Providers worldwide are achieving the best claim approval rates and timely payments by outsourcing ophthalmology EMR billing services.

Benefits of outsourcing EMR Services

Here’s how outsourcing can help address productivity, efficiency, and profitability problems:

  1. Saves Time: In the ophthalmology field, providers often wear many hats and have a wide range of responsibilities. However, managing EMRs is a full-time job. To stay on top of patient’s data and handle financial transactions accurately and timely, you’ll need experts who are dedicated to ensuring a smooth EMR workflow. Outsourcing EMR services will save your staff hours when it comes to migrating patient data, which means that time, and those resources can be allocated to handle other critical functions or departments.
  2. Improves Data Security: Keeping up with the advanced technology to protect patient data in these times of cyber attacks and malware is expensive and time-consuming. A reputable company will be serious about security hacks and other intrusions. It is their job to update their security software and serve as a 24/7 watchdog for your patient data and network.
  3. Reduces Costs: For most small and mid-sized eye care practices, the decision to outsource EMR billing services boils down to one single factor—cost. For providers who prefer to manage their billing in-house, staffing is an unavoidable cost. By outsourcing ophthalmology EMR billing services, you’ll eliminate these costs. The saved money can be utilized to improve care quality or streamline internal processes that help improve the overall patient experience.
  4. Improves Patients’ Payments: Outsourcing does more for your bottom line than just increase reimbursements from payers. By outsourcing your EMR services to a reputed outsourcing firm that uses ophthalmology practice management software, you’ll see a positive impact on patient payments. With a trusted vendor managing patient collections, you’ll notice more in-full and on-time patient payments. However, the key is to find a vendor willing to offer your patients the empathy and compassion they need while navigating medical expenses. An ideal vendor will make sure patients understand their medical bills and work with them to find the best and most appropriate payment options for them.
  5. Minimizes Errors:  Billing errors can make a massive dent in your profitability. From incorrect patient information to duplicate billing to coding errors – there are many reasons your claims can get denied or rejected. Outsourcing EMR billing services will help ensure profitability by reducing billing errors. At Eye Care Leaders, our billing experts specialize in ophthalmology and have stringent quality measures in place to reduce (and even eliminate) errors. By partnering with us, you’ll notice a streamlined workflow, reduced errors, and increased revenue for your eye care practice.


Every eye care practice aims to deliver quality care, but juggling everything in your back office can make it challenging to provide the care your patients deserve. By outsourcing some of your EMR services to a reputed vendor like Eye Care Leaders, you’ll take a considerable admin burden off your team’s shoulders – freeing up their time to attend to patients’ needs, resulting in better patient retention and higher satisfaction rates.

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