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The #1 Ophthalmology EHR just got better with the addition of myCare Integrity PM and myCare Analytics

myCare Integrity is a powerful combination of EMR and PM that is designed to make it even easier for you to run a smooth and profitable eye care practice.

See how our solutions can help your practice today!

Powerful Cloud-based Solutions to Meet Your Practice’s Needs


Speed up exams, billing processes, and office workflows.


Downloads patient data and ensures compliance with healthcare laws.


Matches existing workflow and offers reporting to improve productivity.

“You can’t make the transition to myCare Integrity soon enough. It will change your practice.”

Spencer Michael, CEO at Northwest Eye Surgeons


Electronic Medical Records

myCare Customizes Ophthalmology Electronic Medical Records for Your Practice.

myCare Integrity Electronic Medical Records revolutionizes the way ophthalmology EMR systems can be adopted and leveraged by your practice. The cloud-based EMR is designed to be efficient, effortless, and customized for your individual practice workflow. Built exclusively for eye care practices, myCare Integrity EMR addresses the real needs of practicing eye care professionals. Intuitive and easy to learn, it matches your existing workflow so your staff will immediately know where they are in the patient encounter.

Ready to move from your current EMR, but are afraid you will lose historical data or that the investment will be too significant? We make the switch inexpensive and complete for everything from your patient data to clinical data to prescription data and more. Get started now to enjoy all the benefits of the myCare Electronic Medical Records solution.

  • Enjoy an efficient transition from data migration through go-live
  • Expect no cash flow interruption because it’s so easy to use
  • Trust in the transparent value pricing of our cloud-based EMR solution
  • Benefit from complete, secure mobile access to patient data

Practice Management

Maximize Care and Compensation.

Integrate your other office solutions with this flexible PM to improve task management, produce cleaner claims, and improve the patient experience. With a 98% first-time claims acceptance rate and a 96% live call ratio with a U.S.-based staff, myCare Integrity PM provides the tools you need to run an efficient, profitable eye care practice.

  • Organized and profit-driven scheduling maximizes the number of patients on any given day
  • Front desk modules, and highly efficient coding and billing systems result in reduced AR days and better cash flow
  • Customized reporting helps improve practice productivity

Additional Integration Options – including myCare Analytics!

Flexible to Fit Your Office Needs.

myCare Integrity PM and EMR are known for providing the flexibility you need to integrate together the best solutions to fit your office needs. Additional integration options available include:

  • Analytics – Dashboards, metrics, indicators, and action items to help you understand what’s going on in your practice – your pain points and strengths – and how to reach increasing levels of success.
  • ASC – Streamline the entire ASC process, giving you more time to focus on patient care.
  • Portal – Create more engaged patients and improve overall practice efficiencies and compliance by opening a powerful point of contact with your patients.
  • Optical – Simplify point-of-sale transactions, inventory management, communication with optical labs, and shipment tracking.

myCare Integrity gives you the tools to more effectively handle the administrative side of your practice, so you can spend more time doing what you do best: delivering high-quality eye-care.