Solving Operational Challenges To Allow More Time For Your Patients

The reason you entered into the healthcare field was to provide care, but the myriad of labor-intensive operational challenges can hinder that goal. Government regulations, billing and payments and more all affect the performance of your practice. myCare Services can be added to myCare iMedicWare or myCare Integrity to optimize your practice’s operations and revenue. These a la carte services include Revenue Cycle Management, Analytics, Patient Engagement, Payment Processing, Statement Processing, Clearinghouse, MIPS Assurance, and HIPAA Compliance. Allow these services to optimize your practice’s workflow to allow you to concentrate on your patients.

Failing to adhere to government regulations such as MIPS, HIPAA, and more can have costly effects on your practice.
Only 14% of physicians say they have the time they need to provide the highest standards of care.
– The Physician’s Foundation
Most practices leave up to 30% of potential revenue on the table every year.
– The American Medical Association

myCare Revenue Cycle Management help you effectively and efficiently address the financial side of your business, so you can focus on what you were trained to do: deliver high-quality eye care.


Revenue Cycle Management

Focus on Your Patients. We’ll Help You Handle the Rest.

At Eye Care Leaders, we’re on a mission to be your ideal partner by helping you create your ideal eye care practice—one that gives you freedom to care for your patients and succeed financially. To attain that kind of practice, you need the right tools and expertise to get you there, especially when it comes to revenue and compliance. Let Eye Care Leaders’ myCare Revenue Cycle Management help you effectively and efficiently address the financial side of your business, so you can focus on what you were trained to do: deliver high-quality eye care.

Protect Revenue, Reduce Your Compliance Risk, and Receive Custom Support

Managing the revenue cycle workflow and ensuring proper claims compliance are two of the most important aspects of running a successful practice. Yet many practices lack the staff time and expertise to ensure patient visits are properly coded and the practice is properly reimbursed. This lack of focus both reduces revenue and increases the risk of audits due to improper coding.  Let Eye Care Leaders show you how our advanced myCare RCS packages can maximize your revenue and compliance.

  • Identifying all available cash opportunities
  • Claims submissions
  • Electronic remittance and payments posting
  • Denials analysis and handling
  • Accounts receivable follow-up and collections
  • Detailed reporting
  • Advanced myCare Revenue Cycle Managment consists of two packages – myCare RCS Partner and myCare RCS Evolve.

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myCare RCS Partner

The myCare RCS Partner package focuses on expanding your current revenue and claims process, and making it more efficient. You’ll experience revenue cycle improvements stemming from consistent staff, dedicated resources, and continual follow-up.

myCare RCS Evolve

The myCare RCS Evolve package focuses on transforming your entire RCM workflow to not only improve your immediate revenue and compliance, but also create long-term stability through detailed discovery, staff training, operational optimization, and compliance reviews.

The fastest way to grow your practice and keep it relevant in today’s healthcare market is to get on board with digital marketing.

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There’s More to Data-Driven Decision Making Than Meets the Eye.

There’s an old saying that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That’s why we created myCare Analytics; to provide insight to your eye care practice and empower you to create measurable growth. myCare Analytics gives you transparency into your practice by easily facilitating the capture and examination of data from all areas, so you can base your decisions on the best data possible. This involves the use of dashboards, metrics, indicators, and action items to help you understand what’s going on in your practice — your pain points and strengths — and how to reach increasing levels of success.

Practice-Shaping Data Analytics Are in the Eye of the Beholder.

At Eye Care Leaders, we know that an effective analytics solution is not one-size-fits-all. Our robust platform allows you to create ad-hoc reports based on your specific workflow, patient mix, goals, and staff. We don’t just give you the metrics and leave you to figure out what to do next. We’re hand-holders. We make recommendations for best practices, help you adopt an improvement plan, and offer evolutionary workflow services to improve your overall practice.

  • Improve medical non-compliance
  • Decrease wait times
  • Increase regulatory compliance
  • Capture more money including co-pays and deductibles every month
  • Decrease operating costs
  • Increase patient volume
  • Improve interoperability with your EHR

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Before you invest in attracting new patients, maximize your return on investment by reactivating your lost patients.

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Patient Engagement

Open a New World of Patient Interaction and Affinity.

Creating a passive, yet powerful point of contact with your patients, myCare Patient Engagement facilitates ongoing interaction with the lifeblood of your practice. It allows you to connect with your patients and provide out-of-office care and follow-up at any time, allowing patients to feel more involved with their own care. Further, it reduces administrative work for staff since information entered into any of the products that are part of the myCare Patient Engagement suite is automatically downloaded into each patient’s file. This is a result of the seamless integration with Eye Care Leaders’ PM and EMR solutions.

myCare Patient Engagement includes a suite of products that benefits both your patients and your practice:

  • myCare Patient Check-In—Provides a fast and easy check-in experience by allowing patients to complete and update insurance, demographics, allergies, medications, consent forms, and more.
  • myCare Patient Mobile—Allows your patients to access their records, manage their health information, and communicate with your practice via a mobile app.
  • myCare Portal—Can be reached directly from your practice’s website to offer patient education services, request medication refill requests, send secure bill payments, schedule new appointments, fill out patient forms, and more.
  • myCare Referral Management— Allows for referral tracking, messaging, document and data transfer, and automated messaging to make the referral process with your patients easier than ever before.

The result will be an increase in patient efficiency including:

  • Shorter wait times as patients update their information before appointments which results in a quicker check-in experience.
  • Increase in revenue since you are able to capture online patient payments at any time.
  • Lower administrative burden as data-entry time is minimized which results in increased efficiency for the practice.
  • Reduction in errors since staff no longer has to interpret handwritten patient forms.

Put myCare Patient Engagement to work for your practice by increasing productivity and compliance while also connecting with your patients like never before.

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Payment Processing

Eye Care Leaders & TSYS® Payment Processing Solution.

Eye Care Leaders has partnered with the best payment processing healthcare focused solution – TSYS® – to help eye care providers save time and money. Since your practice management system from Eye Care Leaders is integrated with TSYS®, payments are automatically posted to the patient ledger, improving both efficiency and accuracy. And if you are already accepting credit cards, we will offer a competitive introductory rate*!

What Makes the Eye Care Leaders and TSYS® Partnership Unique?

  • The integration uses the most up-to-date, secure payment processing technology
  • Simple enrollment process
  • Allows the patient to pay online at their convenience through the payment portal
  • Integrated processing means no more time spent manually entering patient payment information

By utilizing the TSYS Payment Processing solution, you enhance efficiencies, achieve peace of mind, save time, and experience convenience.  A complimentary rate review will be performed if you are already accepting credit cards. Explore our competitive rates today!

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Statement Processing

Eye Care Leaders & DMA Statement Processing Solution

Eye Care Leaders and Data Media Associates have partnered to offer a proven statement processing solution for eye care providers. Reach more patients with carefully engineered statement solutions that help you get paid faster!

Speed Up Payment Times and Minimize Days in A/R

Whether you are looking for direct mail statements, eStatements, or pre-collect/collection/final notification letters, you want it to be customized and recognizable as coming from your practice. That’s where DMA comes in with the flexibility you need and a reputation involving 40+ years of expertise that you value to manage the details.

Your transition is seamless for both you and your clients. Crisp, clear digitally printed statements are custom formatted to fit your specifications, virtually eliminating callbacks and billing confusion. All approved files are GUARANTEED to be printed and picked up by the U.S. Post Office no later than the next business day, five days a week.

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Eye Care Leaders & Practice Insight Clearinghouse

Eye Care Leaders has partnered with industry-leading proprietary software, Practice Insight, to provide practices with powerful technology for revenue cycle management.

Trusted by more than 72,000 healthcare providers.

Practice Insight goes beyond connecting providers to thousands of commercial and government payers to submit claims. Edit claims in real time, auto generate more accurate patient cost estimations, and submit more “clean claims” all with the help of Practice Insight.

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myCare MIPS Assurance guides you through the entire MIPS reporting process – so that you can score high and get your bonus every time.


MIPS Assurance

The Help You Need to Secure The Reimbursement You Deserve.

Are you keeping up with MIPS? Let’s hope so, as failure to adapt to changing CMS requirements could cost your practice in the not-so-distant future. The MIPS Performance Threshold (the MIPS Final Score needed to avoid a negative payment adjustment) has gone up from 15 in 2018 to 30 out of a 100 in 2019, and payment adjustments, which will range from -5% to an estimated +2.06% for the 2020 Medicare payment year based on your 2018 MIPS performance, will range from -7% to an estimated +5.67% for the 2021 Medicare payment year based on your 2019 MIPS performanceEven more importantly, CMS has entirely revised the MIPS “Promoting Interoperability” (formerly known as “Advancing Care Information”) measures and scoring, making it much more difficult to get a perfect MIPS Final ScoreMIPS Improvement Activities also require documentation which is subject to being audited! 

If your ophthalmology practice is not one that is already fully on track to deal with the changing MIPS regulationsmyCare MIPS Assurance can help your practice overcome the economy-of-scale problem facing the majority of small practices nationwideCMS estimated that almost 80% of solo practices and almost 70% of small group practices with fewer than 10 providers would fail MIPS in the sense of earning negative payment adjustment. CMS estimated that 83.4% of enterprise-size organizations with over 100 physicians would earn positive MIPS payments adjustments – funded by the negative payment adjustments applied to small practices! 

Position Your Practice to Thrive in the Value-Based Era

myCare MIPS Assurance guides you through the entire MIPS process – so that you can maximize your MIPS Final Score and thus your future Medicare Part B reimbursements. Our MIPS Assurance specialists have expertise in the MIPS regulations, electronic workflows on your certified EHR technology, and eye careOur value proposition is to make these expert resources to be part of your practice team on a part-time basis. MIPS Assurance assists you before, during, and after a given MIPS performance year: 

  • Prior to the performance year, we analyze your past performance, educate the practice on CMS rule changes to the MIPS program, and plan out your custom-tailored MIPS performance and reporting strategy. 
  • During the performance year, we guide you through the workflows and improvement activities needed to maximize your score, monitor your MIPS performance measures, and coordinate any issues related to MIPS performance, whether related to your software or third-parties such as registries. 
  • After the performance year, we assist you with attestations and registry reportingverify the MIPS Final Score and payment adjustments awarded to your practice by CMS, and assist you with any appeals or audits. 

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myCare HIPAA Compliance gives you the assurance that your patients’ data is secured and your practice is protected.


HIPAA Compliance

Privacy. Security. Peace of Mind.

Practices today face a greater risk of PHI data breaches from internal and external threats, such as ransomware, stolen records, lost or unsecured digital devices, increased HHS audits, and more.  Penalties for privacy breaches and/or noncompliance of HIPAA policies have grown 500 times in the last 8 years, with fines increasing from $100 to $500,000 or more per violation. Compliance with all the requirements is mandatory and complex, and most practices fail to fully safeguard their practices.  myCare HIPAA Compliance from Eye Care Leaders gives you the assurance that your patients’ data is secured and your practice is protected from privacy and security threats.

It’s Time to Protect Your Patients and Your Practice.

myCare HIPAA Compliance delivers the guidance, tools, and resources to ensure you have the correct privacy and security requirements in place. It fully integrates with all Eye Care Leaders solutions designed exclusively for modern eye care practices. Our compliance offering involves a comprehensive solution.

  • Evaluating your practice for current risks and threats
  • Creating an action plan to correct noncompliant policies, workflows, and physical and digital standards.
  • Safeguarding your PHI through staff training, implementing security, technical, and physical safeguards to accomplish Confidentiality Integrity Availability (CIA) of data, and develop HIPPAA Privacy & Security policies, procedures, and workflows
  • Providing ongoing training and assurance to meet yearly requirements

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