Stay Competitive and Remain Relevant to Patients During COVID-19 and Beyond

The year 2020 started out fine, but then COVID-19 hit. Now physicians are trying to find new ways to stay Competitive and Remain Relevant to their Patients During COVID-19 and Beyond. With national patient encounter volume down over 40% and delays in insurance payments along with an unemployment rate exceeding 12.6M, decrease in cash flow has made it hard to stay in contact with their patients. Additionally, with unemployment payment 40% above normal hourly wages, many front desk, billing staff, and clinical technicians have elected not to come to work.

This session will highlight numerous case studies on how physicians have found unique ways to increase revenues, cut costs, and get prepared when patients feel comfortable returning to the office.  A few strategies include movement to telemedicine, outsourcing back-office billing and accounts receivable follow-up, enhance referral tracking, improved appointment reminder alerts, remote patient monitoring and off-site staff augmentation.

Highlights of the webinar, where we’ll discuss:

  • The effect of COVID-19 on physician practices
  • What keeps physicians up at night?
  • New technology priorities after COVID
  • The movement to Value Based Reimbursement
  • Reducing Costs by shifting technologies and working remotely
  • Ways to grow in a COVID environment
  • What happens after COVID?
  • New Federal Regulatory Drivers
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About the Speaker

Mark R. Anderson, LHIMSS, CPHIMIS,
CEO of AC Group, COO Of 100 Hands CIN, and Family Health Practice Administrator

Mr. Mark Anderson has been a healthcare executive for over 48 years, is a Certified Life Fellow with HIMSS, and has been on the local HIMSS chapters boards for over 30 years. Mr. Anderson has been the CEO of AC Group, Inc. for the past 20 years, and is the COO of East TX Clinical Integrated Network (CIN). He has worked with over 800 healthcare organizations related to Financial Operations, long-range planning, facility planning, Healthcare Technologies, workflow redesign, operational policies and procedure.

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