Bulletproofing the MIPS Audit File 

Optometrist Paperwork

Preparation is necessary to make or retain your payment.

It is more realistic to ask yourself WHEN you will be audited by CMS in relation to the MIPS or Promoting Interoperability (PI) Incentive Programs, rather than IFBy having accurate and thorough documentation in your MIPS audit file, you will be ready to successfully navigate the CMS audit. 

In this webinar, Lora Woltz will discuss the MIPS auditing process and how best to prepare for a MIPS or PI audit:

  • Understanding the audit – types, timelines, penalties 
  • Document requirements and recommendations 
  • Action requirements and recommendations 
  • I’ve been audited…now what? 
  • How to avoid red flags

This webinar will provide valuable insights for:

  • MIPS eligible clinicians
  • Administrators and managers 
  • Billing departments
  • Clinical staff

About Your Presenter

Lora Woltz, ONC HIT Certification Manager
Eye Care Leaders

Lora Woltz, ONC HIT Certification Manager for Eye Care Leaders, has over 27 years of healthcare experience. Her current role includes overseeing the ONC Health IT certification of multiple product lines, fulfilling ONC surveillance requirements, and providing CMS audit assistance. 

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