What is the Best Ophthalmology EHR?

When looking for electronic health record software the burning question seems to be what is the best ophthalmology EHR available? What are the key elements that a physician should look for when selecting an EHR company? With over 20 years’ experience in ophthalmology, ManagementPlus has a lot of experience answering these questions. The most important thing we have discovered is the necessity of selecting an ophthalmology specific EHR company. Although many companies may have ophthalmology as one of their many specialties their focus is not specific to the ophthalmology industry. As such they do not have the focus and expertise needed to ensure a successful implementation.

One of our esteemed customer’s stated:

“Ophthalmology practices are unique to medicine. We have exams, tests, and terminology that other specialties simply do not have. ManagementPlus understands, OD, OS, gonioscopy, 99214 and even sales tax on a glasses case. EHR is far too complex to choose a vendor that has ophthalmology as one of their minor focuses.” – Ronald Purnell, Eye Care of Maine

Although a high percentage of physicians have already purchased an EHR, many are now looking to replace their current EHR and one of the main reasons is that they elected a non- ophthalmology specific EHR. Another issue we are hearing over and over again is the frustration of not being able to customize the EHR to match the practice workflow. Trying to change a practice flow can result in practice slowdowns as they are not able to see as many patients each day. The ideal scenario is to have EHR follow the practice current workflow. We have found that this allows the practice to get up and running more quick and have the ability to increase the number of patients seen each day. We have heard over and over again that the ManagementPlus EHR allowed them to increase patient volume, allow more face time with patients and still get the physician out of the office on time each day.

If you are looking at EHR for the first time or are one of the many physicians looking to replace their current EHR, ask yourself, what is the best ophthalmology EHR available in the market? Visit a practice that has implemented an EHR that has helped them increase their practice volume. Seeing an EHR in action is critical to ensuring how it works on a day-to-day basis. Make sure it offers you the ability to customize the forms to match the workflow of your current practice. Do they understand the unique needs of a busy ophthalmology practice? ManagementPlus is the Ophthalmologists choice for EHR, find out why today.

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